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UAE and Qatar restrict US and NATO in the Middle East, Iran Arab Relations: Israel Vs Arab

Why are the Arabs abandoning it and NATO, will the UK and US fail in the Middle East?, Iran and Arab relations, US vs Israel In Middle East, US and NATO withdraw from Middle East.


Recently, UAE, Qatar, Oman, and Kuwait have restricted US ability and support to launch airstrikes against The Axis or proxy of the Iranian-backed Resistance. Due to this, along with the US and UK, NATO countries in the Middle East, Lebanon, Iraq, and Egypt may also suffer a huge blow, due to which the relations of the Middle East with the US, UK, and Europe may become very difficult. Currently, there is no special peace talk or ceasefire between the US and Israel on the Gaza and Palestine issue which seems like a long war going on in the future and in such a situation the countries that have been US and Pro-American for the last few years. Now they do not consider war with Iran to be justified in order to maintain their relations with Iran, China, and Russia as well as with Europe.

Why are the Arabs abandoning it and NATO, will the UK and US fail in the Middle East?

In the current situation, Turkey, Iran, and Arab countries believe that if there is a direct war between Iran and Israel in the future, it will be very difficult for the Arab countries to maintain relations with Iran and Israel and to work on future projects. Even though the US and UK are getting support for Houthi from Arab countries, now Arab countries will not allow the US and UK to use their soil to attack Iran. Although Russia and China are openly standing with Iran, it is becoming very difficult for Arabs to handle relations with the US, Israel, Iran, and Russia. If after the next 3 months, the US has not withdrawn from Syria and Iraq then Iran and America can come face to face in war and all these Arab countries want to maintain their relations with both Iran and the US. US officials told Politico that several Arab countries are not willing to anger Iran and their own populations by supporting the USA at this moment. If US military bases and arms facilities are withdrawn from Iraq and Syria then in the future Arabs and Iran will come closer in which US and European Union will have the biggest failure in the Middle East in front of Iran.

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