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Twitter Blue Subscription Price May Increase to $50 Monthly, Tesla Stocks Falls : Elon Musk’s Net Worth

Twitter Blue Subscription Price rise to $50?, AI features in X premium subscription, Tesla and SpaceX Stocks Falling, new AI, Grok and Metaverse technology in Twitter, Elon Musk Net worth, Why Elon Musk Will Increase the Twitter/X Blue Subscription Price in 2024?.


Recently, Twitter has increased its subscription charges from $8 to $15, which is quite costly, and also worth it, for an account with 1K followers. And now due to the continuous decline of Tesla, SpaceX, and Elon Musk’s net worth, Elon Musk considers Twitter as a big hope. Also, more users are coming to Twitter/X on Instagram, Facebook, and any social media platform, which can further increase the demand for Twitter/X in the future. But due to the way top accounts, influencers, and new developments have happened on Twitter/X, now Elon Musk can add additional opportunities to Twitter because of Grok and AI which will be even more expensive in the future. Recently, there has been a significant decline in the total worth of Elon Musk and now Elon Musk is no longer the richest man in the world. In all these, even top fashion brands, AI, Metaverse, and upcoming technology, sciences, and opportunities can invest a bigger amount than Elon Musk and Twitter. Although in terms of social media, Elon Musk’s Twitter/X is considered to be the top social media in the world, but now Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and WhatsApp hold a huge market share. Now Elon Musk is making every effort to make Twitter the biggest platform.

Why Elon Musk Will Increase the Twitter/X Blue Subscription Price in 2024?

For now, Elon Musk has no intention of increasing the price of the Blue subscription to $50, but if in the future Elon Musk has to suffer losses in Tesla, SpaceX, and investments. then Elon Musk will increase the price of Twitter’s Blue subscription by 3X could rise. Running Twitter/X will be the biggest challenge for top Creators, Influencers, the Social Media community, newbies, the Government, and non-profit organizations. Because billions of visitors still come on WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook it is a very risky investment for Elon Musk to make Twitter alone a competitor to everyone. On the other hand, Elon Musk is facing continuous losses in Tesla, SpaceX, and many other companies. And now till the end of 2024 or till 2025, after making Twitter more advanced, Twitter/X subscriptions can cost millions of USD for Blue, Gray, and Government organizations. Because Tesla falls badly in the market and after having the biggest losses in the earnings of Elon Musk, now Elon Musk would like to spend money on making Twitter more advanced so that Twitter/X can have more Premium, Advanced, and AI features in the future.

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