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Turkish Navy protects ships in Black Sea from Russian & terrorists, if Russia withdraws from the grain deal

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World’s top tensions between Russia & Ukraine are rapidly targeting in Black Sea and Europe’s grain supplying from Black Sea to stop the illegal Navy during Russia & Ukraine wars. Black Sea has a big potential to supply the grain to whole europe to keep away the grain or food crisis in each other countries.

Turkish Navy confitms the Navy of Russia & Ukrainian are looking to supply the Food and Domestic grain items to all the western country to could not guarantee safety of civilian ships but takes a huge guarantee of Food, Grain and domestic supply.

The United Nations and especially turkey brokered the Black Sea to make initiative with Russia & Ukraine in July 2022 to help the global food crisis by ignoring interference in UkraineRussia wars despite the europe’s big tensions.

Turkish navy told, we Will keep an eye on the grain supply ships and take them to another country from the Black Sea. They (turkish Navy) also said, we have not granted to those who travel under the pact after an attack on its Black Sea fleet.

Turkey is negotiated with Russia & Ukraine to keep safety until the Grain Fleets of ships are going on the any countries of NATO friendly by keeping Ukraine away from this deal. Moscow to make a advisory for those civilians to keep away from travelling by Black Sea, because there has a lot reasons about Ukraine-Russia wars. Turkish Navy just launched new ships into the Black Sea ocean to protect ships in the Black Sea from Russian navy/terrorists, even if Russia withdraws from the grain deal.

In the Future, Russia might Withdraw from TurkishUnitedNations ‘Grain Deal’ because Turkey is biggest NATO country in the Top powerful list of NATO members. Russia has a final way to attack on the Ukrainian Missile, Weapon Launchers, Ukraine Forces and Special mission against Russian to To surround them.

Turkish Navy will protect the Ships from Russian Navy in the Black Sea corridor even if Putin withdraws from the Grain Deal or Ignore the Deal which has made in 2022 despite the RussiaUkraine war begings. Also the NATO country Türkiye to confirmed this commitment to Ukrainian sources, Turkiye not going to interference in UkraineRussia war but protects the all Grain or Food ships in the Black sea.

Turkey officially moves to supports the Ukraine joining NATO, Transfer of Azovstal defenders from Türkiye to Ukraine thereby breaching his prior agreement with Putin. that these soldiers will remain in Türkiye through the end of the war, thereby Turkey might attack on Russian Attackers on the Grain Ships of Ukraine & Russia.

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