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Turkey’s President has signed Sweden and Finland’s NATO accession to make new members of NATO: World War in North Europe

Turkey and NATO planning for new war in between Sweden, Finland and Russia. Why did Turkey warn Sweden and Finland because of the new front war in Europe?, Russia Ukraine war, Russia Sweden War, Russia Finland War, World War in North Europe, US Vs Russia in North European countries.


First Time Turkey’s President has signed Sweden’s NATO accession to become a member of NATO and developing further conversations with the USA, UK, France, Germany, and Turkey via NATO memberships. Sweden and Finland have talked to Turkey and NATO members several times about the strange situation of the Russia-Ukraine war. Turkey, the USA, and Poland do not want to open another front war with Russia. But now it seems that another bad news has come for Russia. However, it will take a lot of time for Sweden and Finland to reach their NATO protocol accession because it will still not be heard in the Israel-Hamas and UkraineRussia war, but Turkey can do it in less time.

Why did Turkey warn Sweden and Finland because of the new front war in Europe?

If Turkey in NATO allies Sweden and Finland file an appeal for joining NATO, it seems that a new war front could open in Europe. In this case, Turkey has already advised Sweden and Finland to stay away from NATO, but if Sweden and Finland themselves want to join NATO, then it could create a new problem. Now it seems that Turkey, Sweden, and Finland are ready to deal with every thread, which is why a new application has been made to join NATO. There is a lot of problem regarding the NATO protocol accession of Sweden and Finland because here these steps are enough only to surround Russia and Belarus. Here, if this hearing of NATO accession for Sweden and Finland takes place within the last month, then a 3 front war can open for Russia. By the way, Russia has already threatened Finland and Sweden not to join NATO.

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