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Turkey sending Defense and Military aid to Israel, Iran Vs Turkey in Israel : NATO Vs Iran

Turkey Israel relations, Why is Turkey Sending Defense, Military Aid to Israel?, Why Turkey, NATO Vs Iran in the Mediterranean Sea?, Iran Vs NATO in Mediterranean Sea, Red Sea and Arabian Sea. NATO Vs Iran and Russia.


Recently, Turkey has sent the container ship TURKON ISTANBUL to Israel’s Haifa Port for Military equipment, due to which now a rift may also arise between NATO and Iran. However, the people and political parties of Turkey have always been against Israel, but now Turkey is ready to help Israel, Israel and Turkey are now looking closer. However, the relations between Israel and Turkey are a bit bad, due to the threat of Gaza and Hamas, Hezbollah and Yemen are facing the threat of opening a front war, now Turkey, NATO, and the US can also provide financial, defense, and military aid to Israel. So I think now there can be a Defense Deal and Military stance between Turkey and Israel because Turkey also accepts that in the future it is necessary for Israel and the US to remain present in Iraq because Turkey is the only NATO country that will support the US in the future.

Why is Turkey Sending Defense, Military Aid to Israel?

It seems to everyone that the Turkish people are thinking of ending all relations with Israel but now the relations between Turkey and Israel seem to be getting deeper. The reason for this is that Israel is NATO’s biggest ally and in such a situation, Israel’s action in Gaza and Turkey’s action against the Kurds are in the same position. They say that Turkey is a NATO country, if Iran or Israel attacks it then NATO country can declare war but now Turkey also accepts that in the future Turkey may need Israel besides Iraq. However, the President of Turkey has always been against Israel on the issue of Gaza and Palestine, now Israel seems to be Turkey’s biggest partner in terms of strategic ties, prioritized military and technology. So in such a situation, it seems that in the future Turkey, the US, the UK, and Israel can work with the NATO army in Syria and Iraq against Iran.

Why Turkey, NATO Vs Iran in the Mediterranean Sea?

Because Turkey is a NATO country, it means neither today nor tomorrow, Turkey, the US, and NATO will be together even if Russia, Iraq, Syria, and Iran are there. And NATO countries are also considered very close to Israel and Turkey can become Israel’s biggest partner through Europe. Relations between Turkey and Israel are good including Trade, Military cooperation, Energy cooperation, Hamas support, Public support, and Diplomatic relations. Secondly, if Iran, Hezbollah, Lebanon, and Syria wage war against Israel in the Mediterranean Sea, then in the future Turkey can also become a part of it, due to which Iran and Turkey can face each other. And it is possible that along with Turkey, NATO may also join this war, due to which this war will spread to NATO, Africa, Israel, and the Middle East.

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