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Turkey May Imposes Sanctions on Sweden amid Mosques Demolish, Anti-Islamic Politics in Sweden : Turkey Vs Sweden

Why Netherlands and Sweden affect Turkish-NATO relations amid Mosques and Anti-Islamic politics? Turkey Vs Sweden, NATO Vs Sweden, Islam in Sweden, Muslim Worships in Europe. Anti-Islamic Politics in Sweden, Hijab Ban in Sweden, US Sanctions on Sweden.


Turkey and Sweden are known to be very friendly countries of NATO but currently, the Far Rights of Sweden have demanded from the Swedish Government that all other Islamic monuments in their country should be demolished. While Sweden’s secularism and democratic government have been given importance, Swedish far-right leader Åkesson has said in his statements ‘”We need to start confiscating and demolishing mosque buildings where anti-democratic, anti-Swedish, homophobic, antisemitic propaganda or general disinformation about Swedish society is spreading” is the question and demand being raised about Sweden in Turkey and the rest of the Islamic world. Both Turkey and Sweden have been very good partners because of NATO and now due to this, Geert Wilders’s pro-Dutch and anti-Islam or AntiImmigrant groups in the Netherlands have become headlines among other African and European countries.

Why Netherlands and Sweden affect Turkish-NATO relations amid Mosques and Anti-Islamic politics?

So due to all this, anti-mosque activity has been seen in the Netherlands and now in Sweden and its consequences may affect the relations between Turkey and Europe. Sweden’s PM has given rebuffs to them that he is not thinking of demolishing any kind of religious worship and he has said that everyone else in Sweden has the right to go to their religious place. And anyway, Sweden has good relations with all the Muslim countries like UAE, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Turkey. At the same time, because of the war with Russia and Ukraine, Turkey has accepted such offers from countries like Sweden and Finland as training, joining NATO so that the future of Europe remains safe but the Swedish PM has said that Sweden is a multicultural based nation. Yes, and the Swedish government and politics will not hurt any religion or religious worship. And if the Swedish government takes action against any kind of religion, many countries including Europe will consider Sweden a communist and unstable country. But yes, in the future Sweden can definitely take some steps regarding immigrants.

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