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Turkey is ready for a large-scale war with Greece and Cyprus amid Aegean Sea tensions : Greece Vs Turkey

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Recently, Turkish media, experts, and defense sectors are of the opinion that Turkey can now fight a large-scale war with Greece and Cyprus. The Aegean Sea also has the best relations with Turkey, Greece, and Cyprus under diplomatic, defense, and NATO treaties, but if further tensions in the Aegean Sea arise in the future, relations between Greece, Cyprus, and Turkey may deteriorate. But now there is a possibility of war between NATO countries also, so it is believed that Turkey, Greece, and Cyprus will now increase their demand for the Aegean Sea. But now the Greek Defense and Media claim that Turkey could launch a large-scale war with Greece in the future, which could impact Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. But since the war between Greece and Turkey, Turkish, Cyprus, and European media have not shown any special view but on the one hand, making Turkey and Russia closer is like bringing together Kurds, Greece, and Cyprus. Although there is no political, defense and economic hostility between Turkey and Greece, there is a possibility of a major war in the future due to Maritime Disputes, Military Exercises, and the Aegean Sea.

Why Turkey is preparing for a large-scale war with Cyprus and Greece?

However, for now the relations between Turkey, Greece and Cyprus are quite good and are quite strategic, but if Cyprus becomes serious about North Cyprus and Greece in the Aegean Sea and if the friendship between NATO countries does not continue, then in the future NATO countries too Turkey and Greece can support each other. They are enemies of both Greece and Turkey in Europe and Africa also like Finland, Croatia, Netherlands, UK, France, and Russia but if NATO country Turkey Vs Greece fails to stop the war then Russia, Iran and China are against US. European countries may get the opportunity to use armed proxies. For now, Greece, Cyprus vs Turkey war could be a very difficult time for NATO members, but if the top country comes out in support of Turkey, Russia will get a chance to support the opposite NATO country because Russia is also a CSTO. Just as US, UK and France are interfering with the Russian-backed CSTO (Collective Security Treaty Organization), in the same way Russia will also officially support NATO countries which are anti-US, UK and France. There is not much discussion about a war between Turkey and Greece, but the leaders, defense ministers and experts of Greece and Cyprus believe that after Turkey wins against the Kurds of Iraq. Turkey will be prepare for large-scale war with Greece and Cyprus.

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