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Turkey can Destroy Israeli Economy amid Israel-Hamas War, Middle East Against Israel : Israel Economy crisis

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If Israel continues to wage war continuously for 6 months, the Foreign Reserve and Government Funds can last only for so many days in the war, but after the end of the war, Israel’s economy may face the threat of the biggest crisis in the world. Because now Israel is being completely boycotted in Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America. Currently, the bill has been passed to end the crisis for Ireland, Spain, South Africa, Latin America, Bahrain, and many countries in Europe and Asia, and it may lead to a political, economic, and bankruptcy crisis for Israel.

How important is Turkey-Israel relations?

But now Turkey has also said that it will have to end all relations with Israel if it does not stop the action on Gaza. However, this step can close all the doors for Israel like Exports, Imports, Food, and Energy, and can break the connectivity of Europe and Israel which can block the way if Israel needs any help in the future. Israel and Turkey’s friendship will be the only option for Israel how will it be able to take NATO and its help? Because Turkey has the biggest corridor between Israel and Europe, Central Asia is where exports and imports take place and if the corridor is closed then it can be the biggest blow to the economy for Israel. Secondly, Turkey is also a NATO country so Israel can get support from Europe from Cyprus but if NATO and the US send an army to Israel then Turkey can pose the biggest threat. However, after China and the US, Turkey is the only country that connects Israel from both sides. First, it has good relations with Israel itself, secondly, the connecting corridor for Israel is mostly through Turkey.

Why did Turkey Send troops to Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon amid the Israel-Hamas War?

If the Hamas-Israel war ends, Turkey can send its army to Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon because Turkey has already sent its army to the Syrian war in self-defense. Turkey feels that US-Israel in its current state can push Kurdistan into a war against Turkey and they feel that they can get better support from Iran and Hamas in Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq. Now Israel has only two options left, to keep this war to GazaIsrael or to escalate this war to Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq so that Israel can get a chance to attack Golan Heights, Gaza, and the West Bank. This time in this war, Israel appears to be alone and if a simultaneous war is started against Israel in Syria, Yemen, Iraq, and Lebanon, America, and Israel would like this war to be turned into a proxy so that West Bank, Golan Heights And Gaza to Israel can fight with Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran. Because this time Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Turkey, Russia, Egypt, and Iran are all in the hands of Israel Israel will not be able to bear so much burden in the Middle East.

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