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Turkey, Arabs, and Kuwait cut all ties with Israel : Middle East Economy

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Turkey, the Middle East, and Kuwait planning to cut all ties of Economy, defense, exports, and Imports to Israel amid the war between Gaza and Israel. For now, Israel has cut off its diplomatic and economic ties with many Arab countries as after the deterioration of diplomatic routes, any country can end its relations with Israel at any time as seen in the dominance of Houthi, Hezbollah, and Iran in the Middle East war. Many countries of the Middle East including UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Jordan want to maintain relations with Israel. But now the way Netanyahu attacked Gaza, West Bank or looked at the situation in Syria and Lebanon to save his power, it is now believed that the countries of the Middle East will come under more pressure.

Why Middle Eastern countries want peace than Iran and Hamas?

Due to, the way Hamas is constantly retaliating against Israel, Arab countries and the Middle East also want to improve their relations or negotiate because almost all the countries are suffering equal losses in this war. For now, everyone’s big projects, economy, and investments are being adversely affected. But just as Israel has stopped all its exports, energy, water, and food services to Gaza, in the same way, there is pressure on Arab countries to stop whatever exports, energy, and food services they are sending to Israel.

Why Middle East cut ties with Israel amid the Gaza situation?

If Arab countries take these steps, then most of all for Israel, the lives of the people, energy issues, and the regular life running through the country can be ruined. To date, most of the economy of Israel runs from the Middle East. By the way, Kuwait, Turkey, and Middle Eastern countries have openly expressed their support for Israel but being OIC and Islamic countries, many countries want to end relations with Israel. And even though Iran is Israel’s enemy, IranIsrael’s exports/imports are not being affected till now and it is also believed that there can be a lot of pressure against Israel in other parts of the Middle East in the future. For how long will Israel continue its attacks on Gaza after economic, investment, and financial losses to Israel, not even the West Bank will be spared and the whole world will have to bear the consequences.

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