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Turkey and Russia to make joint Bank to ditch USD and SWIFT in the Middle East : NATO Vs Russia

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Recently, Russia and Turkey now wanted to advance joint banks, financial sectors, and business developments in Asia and Europe. Because it is being said in all the reports that Turkey and Russia will have very big economic relations in the future, they want to take gas and trade in the future. In the future, the kind of economic, diplomatic, and business relations between Western countries and now will be affected to such an extent that it means bringing Turkey and Russia closer in the present situation. It is possible that in the future there can be agreements on currency, economic, relations, and some big agreements between two states which will directly be the biggest challenge for NATO, the US, and the European Union. Recently, trade between Turkey and Russia as trade partners has increased by about 80%, which is quite high due to Ukraine Russia War and Israel Gaza War. It is also believed that in the future, if the NATO vs Russia war starts instead of Ukraine and Russia, Turkey will try to remain neutral. However, as of now, the amount of imports and exports that are happening between Russia and Turkey is probably not happening even between Europe and Russia.

Why are Turkey, the Middle East, and Russia planning to establish a joint bank in 2024?

For now, what is running in the minds of many people is that Turkey and Russia are simultaneously becoming banking, financial, and currency partners and this is now the biggest warning for NATO and the European Union. Now it is also believed in the Western World that Turkey may exit NATO in the future. But this is not at all the case, for now, there is a war going on between Europe, NATO, and Russia and due to geopolitics, it is believed that in the future Russia can jump into war with NATO. Because of all this, Turkey and other NATO countries also do not want a war with Russia in the future because if this happens, relations between Russia and Europe as well as between the Middle East and Africa will deteriorate. And now Russia and Turkey together are showing interest in creating Joint Banks that can bring Europe and the Middle East together in the future which can cause the biggest damage to NATO and Europe’s financial system and currency. This can happen in the Joint Bank of Turkey and Russia and other Iran, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Ireland, Spain, African Union, and Russia Allies countries can also have interests. Also, the Russian Ruble and Turkish Lira can get a new flight which can further increase trade between Asia, Africa, and Europe.

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