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Tucker Carlson’s next Interview with Iran, China, Israel, and North Korea? : Tucker Carlson News

Tucker Carlson upcoming Interviews with Iran, China, North Korea and Israel, Why Russia’s Putin win in the US and European Union against NATO amid Interviews with Tucker Carlson? Israel Vs Hamas, Tucker Carlson.


Recently, American Journalist Tucker Carlson sat down with Putin of Russia and he also did an interview with Putin due to which Tucker Carlson believed that Ukraine and Western countries want a dictatorship-like situation in Ukraine. Meanwhile, many Western countries including the US, UK, and France have also criticized Tucker Carlson and expressed anger across Europe. Many anti-Russian politicians believe that Tucker Carlson is behaving like a pro-Russian. Still, many people believed that Tucker Carlson’s interview with Putin was very strategic, realistic, and one of the top interviews and some believed that there was no special need for Tucker Carlson to do an interview with Putin. But in the world of geopolitics, a Journalist is an option who can assess the leader of any country on the basis of war. But now it is believed that after the interviews with Putin, many people feel that the policy of the US and NATO seems to be failing in Ukraine and questions can also be raised about Volodymyr Zelensky in Europe.

Why Russia’s Putin win in the US and European Union against NATO amid Interviews with Tucker Carlson?

Recently, in Tucker Carlson’s interviews with Putin, almost 65% of European and American people feel that Russia and Putin are a threat to Zelenskyy’s Dictatorship. Almost 2 years have passed since the war between Russia and Ukraine but still, a large majority of the world’s population has positive or global leadership approvals for Putin. Now the question is whether American Media and Western will give support, arms, and military types of equipment to Ukraine in the war between Putin and Ukraine because now even the world’s top media have started questioning Zelenskyy’s leadership.

Along with this, the global situation is also quite funny like Israel-Hamas, TaiwanChina, North KoreaSouth Korea, NATO VS Russia, and due to all this there is a war-like situation all around the world and now it is believed that in the future Tucker Carlson can also do interviews with Iranian, North Korean, Israeli and Chinese leaders if there is no solution in the future like the Russia-Ukraine war.

The Middle East and Indo-Pacific can become the next biggest war zone because many of the world’s biggest defense and war experts believe that there can be a war between many countries like Russia and Ukraine. In all these, Putin is such a leader who, without fear of NATO, still remains a challenge for him, the UK, and France. And it can happen, Tucker Carlson’s next interview can be with North Korean, Iranian, and Israeli leaders. Because in many places the peace deal plans of the US and Western countries are also failing.

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