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Trump will aid Israel with up to $1 Trillion to Israel if he Wins in 2024, How Biden Win 2024, Iran, Russia, and US : Israel Gaza war

Why Trump will pay a Trillion USD to Israel, Israel’s Arab Normalization, and recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel?, US Peacekeeping forces in Israel and Ukraine, Taiwan War.


Currently, due to the defense and financial aid being provided by Biden to Israel and Ukraine, Trump has a big issue that he is not blaming Biden for in his election campaign. But some experts and Jewish businessmen believe that just as Biden is providing aid to Ukraine and Israel, Trump will also provide aid to Israel. What this means is that in the future Trump will also do the same as Joe Biden is doing now but for now, Trump is getting huge political support in the US from those people who want peace in every region. It seems that Donald Trump is angry with Ukraine and Israel getting American funding or aid, but in the future, Trump can also give more aid to Israel. so that the Jewish Businessmen will be the main ones who strengthen their dominance in the rest of Europe including America. However, Trump is also very rich and the wealthiest American candidate, but still all Americans have businessmen like George Soros for Republicans who play a major role in international American aid. Because Trump is the leader who has made Jerusalem the capital of Israel but Biden is also the president who is helping Israel with billions of USD. This clearly means that all the Presidents who will be elected in America will fund Israel and will also send humanitarian aid to Gaza.

Why Trump will pay a Trillion USD to Israel, Israel’s Arab Normalization, and recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel?

Also, if Donald Trump becomes the president of the US then in the future a big problem can arise for Iran and China in the Middle East in which Trump can attack Iran like Qasem Soleimani. However, Trump has been saved from jail many times due to personal cases and matters in the US court, but now in the future, if Trump fails to bring peace to Israel and Ukraine, then Trump’s presidency may be in danger for another time. No matter how things are going in the Middle East and Europe, China, Russia, and Iran still like Joe Biden. But now the way Trump adopts Pro white, pro-American, and pro-Israeli policies, it can pose a big threat to future immigration and refugees. So in such a situation, it seems that Joe Biden and the Democratic Party have some more chances in which they can win that election in 2024. So in such a situation, the way interests in Biden and immigration are increasing among Americans, they can perhaps become a new hope for America Joe Biden. So in such a situation, if Trump wins, it is possible that the American Army can also intervene in the Ukraine and Israel war. Due to this, it is possible to send a new peacekeeping force to the war zone which can fight for American interests in the future. The biggest vote supporters of Biden are from every culture and those who support Trump are White and Jewish who are happy with the bringing of Trump but are still majority angry with Trump.

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