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Top millionaires populated countries in the world, Asia & Europe

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World’s are still have millions of millionaires populations in the Europe & North America. most number of Global top richest man does stays in the HongKong, Switzerland, Kuwait & Luxembourg than USA, Canada & European countries. The new data about top richest millionaires populations just came out to see all about the their stays, invstments, trading & top companies employees are works more friendly works in these countries to attract their lifestyle.

These top countries has a best bright option for millionaires to live the environment, lifestyle, get everything from their little work at home, health, abroad business, love family and enjoy the life with family as a millionaire. There is Switzerland became #1 the next top zone for the all global richest person‘s home to work anywhere in the world and handle every business from European border to settle the Money, P&L, Analysis & manage the earnings sources.

Millionaire population by richest area, cities, villages & Urban living places than top city with highest number of unemployment. Top Richest persons are choosing or moving into all the best places of European countries than Asia, Africa & South America. Hong Kong became next city for the stay of Businessmen, richest men, Asian engineers, electrictronic development sites & top unknown richest peoples.

Top 10 millionaires or richest populated countries

  1. Switzerland (17%)
  2. Hong Kong (15.58%)
  3. Kuwait (14.99%)
  4. Singapore (12%)
  5. Australia (11.50%)
  6. USA (9.8%)
  7. The Netherlands (8.2%)
  8. Canada (7.80%)
  9. Qatar (6.5%)
  10. UAE (6.2%)

There are a lot of countries are has no restriction for those who came into their country without revealing any faults, International matters, Taxes, Non-Registered business, Consumer goods, Industrials, Out Of Government & has some unessory businesses from each other countries.

UAE to became next top richest & billionaires populated country in the world to grow the business with backed support of government without taxes, business establish issues. There is Thousands of Companies Headquartered in Switzerland with international or national business registered or unregistered.

There are many billionaires or richest persons are stays in the USA, But small businesses with large area & top richest cities are Switzerland & Hong Kong to stabilize the Global economy. These cities or countries are top Wealthiest Cities in the world to handle anyone’s business from a global supply center or included all services.

There are some top richest mans are stays in USA, Russia, Germany, France, India, China and Middle East but In these cities (given above) are has top positions top millionaires populated in the whole city & villages. United Kingdom too has foreign investors, businessmen & top immigrants richest man from abroad stays in the whole country.

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