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Top Biggest challenging Indian States for BJP or Congress in election 2024 : Indian Election

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Currently, elections are going to be held in India in the middle of 2024 and the biggest challenge for the media of Indian and outside media is now being declared as the election of BJP in 2024. It is believed by many media and surveys that the BJP will be successful again but in the current situation of states due to political crisis and opposition, the media around the world has done its expertise on new challenging states that should happen in the future. Indian Election 2024 is posing a big challenge for the BJP or Indian Majority party. Recently, the biggest challenge for victory for BJP and Congress is being said in North-East, South Indian, and South-East Indian states. There are claims of BJP being the top winner in other North West or some Northwest South states but the biggest question is whether BJP will win elections in South, North East, and South East.

Top Biggest Challenging Indian States for BJP or Congress in 2024.

For the BJP or Congress to win the elections, after getting huge votes in UP, Bihar, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, and Rajasthan, it becomes clear which party will come to power. But there are many Indian states where local parties can also pose a big challenge to BJP and Congress or BJP and for now, Congress has agreed to share its seats and political development with every local party. But if we consider the importance of local parties, it can be seen in the Indian Election 2024 that the strength of local parties can increase the challenge of majority votes. The 2024 elections to be held in India will not only pose a challenge to top parties like BJP or Congress but will also pose a challenge to local state-level parties. But now we have to tell you about some Indian States which in the future can cause seat sharing, majority votes, and other big problems in India Alliance’s political system.

Top 5 challenging Majority Indian states for BJP or Congress in 2024.

  1. West Bengal
  2. Tamil Nadu
  3. Bihar
  4. Karnataka
  5. Northeast
  6. Southeast
  7. Jammu & Kashmir
  8. Delhi
  9. Punjab
  10. Maharashtra

The above-given top 10 states are still such that it will be very difficult for any single party to get a majority again because the local political parties there appear to be quite strong. In these states, not only is there a challenge for another political party, but almost 80% of the people there also vote for the party of the local or opposite rule. If India’s majority Top party comes to power, it will come only from Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal, Maharashtra, Delhi, Northeast and Northwest, and the Middle Indian States. If any party does not win with an absolute majority, political crises, and seat sharing may arise in the future.

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