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Top 6 Challenges Israel may face in War with Iran, US vs Iran, NATO intervention? : Israel-Gaza war

NATO intervention in Israel Iran War?, Russia in Gaza, Israel Iran Direct War in Golan Heights, What top 6 challenges Israel faced during the war with Iran and the Middle East?. Status of Jerusalem, West Bank and Gaza Strip, Israeli settlements, Borders and Palestine Freedom of movement.


According to recent defense experts and social media news coverage, it seems that Israel and Iran war can give rise to a big conflict. In which not only will there be a direct war between Iran and Israel, but Israel will also have to face many other challenges. Everyone knows very well what the challenges are to Israel and Iran but the way Iran has responded now and Israel’s next IRGC attack can create a lot of trouble in the entire Middle East. Actually, many people have a question in their mind as to why Iran does not want to attack Israel, and whether Iran will attack Israel in the future or not. Iran wants to keep Israel in the Gaza war as much as they can in Geopolitics because if Iran attacks Israel then Israel will benefit from the Gaza and Palestine war and along with it the reactions of the whole world can also change. So, in such a situation, Iran does not want the voices of Gaza and Palestine to be suppressed due to the international-level Iran-Israel conflict. Due to all this, Hamas can also launch a big Retaliation attack in which Israel can be attacked from all sides in which the entire credit will go to Iran, the Middle East, and Russia.

What top 6 challenges Israel faced during the war with Iran and the Middle East?

1. Clashes in the West Bank and Gaza Strip – If the Iran-Israel war escalates, then this war will be fought in the West Bank and Gaza in the same way as Israel and Hamas are fighting. Due to this both West Bank and Gaza can fight politically against Israel in support of each other. Just as the situation in Gaza has worsened, there could be a war in the West Bank.

2. Status of Jerusalem – After the Iranian intervention in the West Bank, Jerusalem’s status may have changed significantly so that Jerusalem could counter Israel’s activities. Which will create new international pressure on Israel. Because for now, both Israel and the West Bank claim Jerusalem as their capital, but after a long war, Jerusalem can fall into anyone’s hands.

3. Israeli settlements – Actually, Israeli settlements are a big issue where Hezbollah, Lebanon, Iran, and Syria have chances of getting involved in the war. Like the recent Golan Heights, Galilee, and Kiryat Shemna, which perhaps in the future could bring Iran, Syria, and Lebanon together against Israel.

4. Borders conflicts or Securities – All settlements, the Gaza border will pose a threat to Israel’s own borders or securities like Jordan, Egypt, Gaza, West Bank, and Sea where Israel will not be able to wage war alone on all fronts.

5. Borders conflicts or Securities – It is because of this war that all the water rights are there, the permit regime can prevent the Israeli people from getting water and food in the future because Israel’s biggest water source is from Syria and Lebanon where Hezbollah and Iran can stop Israel from attacking together.

6. Freedom of movement, Islamic Resistance, and Militia: For now Palestine Freedom Movements are going on against Israel in the West Bank, but in the future, Iran and all the enemies of Israel can surround Israel in the West Bank also. Because there are still such groups and militias in Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon that are capable of attacking Israel in its worst attack since Iran’s intervention. In which they can join hands with the Islamic resistance of the West Bank.

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