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Top 50 Countries joins BRICS in 2024 to Hurt US Interest, Defense, Foreign Policy and Economy: NATO Vs BRICS

BRICS worth $50 Trillion+?, US and Western Sanctions will fail against Russia, China, India, Africa, or BRICS?, BRICS VS IMF, World Bank and Moody’s, top international currency in 2025, BRICS Currency.


Currently, due to the BRICS intergovernmental organization group formed by Russia, China, India, South Africa, Brazil, the US, Europe, NATO, and Pro-US policy has received a huge blow. Currently, the Russian Payment system has caused the biggest shock to the US Dollar and EUR, because more than 20 countries are now using Russia’s MIR International Payment gateways. However, in the current situation, the Chinese Yuan, Indian Rupee, Russian Ruble African Union, and South American local currencies are also going to be a part of it. It is being said that in the future Russia will use international payment in Africa, the Middle East, Indo-Pacific, South America, and other countries which will directly cause the biggest economic, financial, and defense loss for US and NATO countries. It is believed that the top 50 countries that will join BRICS in the future will have more than $10 Trillion USD in global transactions, trades, Yuan Reserves, Russian banking Reserves, and BRICS International Currency.

US and Western Sanctions will fail against Russia, China, India, Africa, or BRICS?

If in the future 50 countries simultaneously make Russian Payments, BRICS Membership, or economic ties to the US, European Union, and NATO countries, it will be difficult for them to keep USD, EUR, and YEN stable and impose American economic sanctions. The US and European Union also have a debt of approximately $50 Trillion USD, so if the other 50 countries of BRICS are included then many countries of the European Union and NATO can also join BRICS. Anyway, BRICS is a big hope for China, Russia, India, the African Union, and South American countries. Due to this BRICS countries can make huge achievements in many tourism, financial, debt-free, loan, geopolitics, economics, and business sectors. It is also possible that BRICS will launch its own bank and international monetary like the IMF, World Bank and Moody’s have recently been controlled by the US and Europe. It is possible that in the future, BRICS countries can reserve approximately $50 Trillion+ for International Payments, which will be a huge demand for the BRICS currency.

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