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TikTok will be banned in Europe, Japan, and Indonesia : Tik Tok News

How to Earn Money at Home Using Social Media Instead of TikTok or Chinese Social Media Apps?, TikTok banned in Europe, Indonesia, Japan and Brazil. Earn money on Snapchat, FB Story, Instagram Reels, and YT Shorts.


Currently, other US TikTok apps or many Chinese social media apps have been banned outside the US. Because of this, other top US TikTok, and Chinese social media Influencers will now have enough time to create, share, and discover short videos. Now, Social Media Creators, developers, and influencers have been hit hard due to the steps taken by the American government as of now TikTok creators are facing huge losses due to the skills of earning, advertising, and developing. Especially with the advent of TikTok, there is going to be a big loss in the singing, dancing, comedy, and lip-syncing fields. And trouble has also arisen for those who were going to make their career based on their talents, skills, and ideas. Way to In the US, Top TikTok creators are against this TikTok ban steps of the US government because they believe that the US government is taking away their livelihood. So now after the creation of TikTok, Chinese social media apps and TikTok can be banned in Europe, Indonesia, Japan, and Brazil also. As for the US, Snapchat, FB Story, Instagram Reels, and YT Shorts are very good alternatives to Tik Tok and there is a lot of competition among shorts and singing, dancing, comedy, and lip-syncing.

How to Earn Money at Home Using Social Media Instead of TikTok or Chinese Social Media Apps?

Apart from this, China’s top investors and traders and other digital investors from the US, Europe, Japan, and Indonesia can make huge losses due to which the creators can incur huge losses. But now other US Snapchat, YT Shorts, FB Story, and Instagram Reels can also offer monetization in the future through Shorts videos or singing, dancing, comedy, and lipsyncing. So in such a situation, now even the top social media companies of China can move their business from those countries where their Chinese platforms were closed. The recent ban on TikTok could be a big blow to American advertising, marketing, creators, and developers. So now Snapchat can increase its users across the world, in most of the users will now come from India, Indonesia, Brazil, and Europe. Similarly, countries like Indonesia, Brazil, Malaysia, and the United Arab Emirates have good relations with China and TikTok does not have any special Chinese influence for those countries because TikTok can be used as an opportunity in these countries.

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