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Thousands of families march in Serbia against Gay Pride parade in country

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The Gay Pride are most issues in the over all European countries to increase the LGBTQ flag & ideology across the world. There are recent, in the Europe top Gay pride country to look at their future of children, economy, business and short in population.

In Serbia, a huge march happened in the country to stop the Gay Pride and all their ideas into the whole country. Thousands of females, childern, males are made a huge march against he Gay & LGBTQ flag in the country, it might be first country to make a peach march against Gay than violence, damages & other.

People thoughts, Serbia is first country where the large amount civilians are standing against gay ideology and tensions than Canada & United States. in Europe, Eastern Europe is most poor population, but they have their culture and traditional values, respect, and couple life.

Serbia is not a top wealthy country of the world, but their civilians are happy people because they have theur culture, traditions, values, ceremony, respect, better couple life and the best life living with fancy cars, and designer clothes which is good ways to support the foreigner. and new comers who don’t know how Serbia is, Serbia is east EU’s first best country in couple’s life but their are has many rights to live for same-marriage, transgender and etc.

The top leaders of Ukraine & EU supports to all those in the streets, cities, villages of Serbia and throughout the whole country who are once again demanding government change. freedom of media and equal treatment of all new generation’s requires and needs a biggest support against Gay prides.

Serbia is strongest sectors of the economy depended on energy, the automotive industry, machinery, mining, agriculture and the best transportation for the EU country to make business together with under EU memberships. The Serbians are thinks, There are in the country a planned Gay pride are happening, they going to stop before it is born in a large scale.

There are neighborhood countries like Malta, Belgium, Sweden, Luxembourg, Denmark, Norway and Spain where the huge gay pride are happening for their rights to help the ideas from national governments of country. Serbia is still a great country to stop this great replacement of children’s future and the economy of love. The Civilians of the country are looking to stop a great deal with gay pride and looking to stop the biggest replacement of gay pride deal with the national government of Serbia.

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