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These top 5 leaders has top Approval Rating in World than Joe Biden, Justin Trudeau & Donald Trump

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Latest Approval Rating of these top new leaders in 2023 has shows us new leaders, new future’s PM & President race to make their popularity & humbleness life with the civilians of their country. The world’s top ‘The World’s Ranking’ has made a new list of top new PM & About to become Prime Minister or President. The new PM of being a seat on Prime Ministers & Presidents have getting new Approval Rate or interests of world’s top countries civilians who are going to vote their support or vote if needed.

The World’s top leader like US President Joe Biden & former US president are has low or average ‘Approval Rating in World‘ and these top leaders has top Approval Rate in global Approval of global rating. There below we given some names of leaders & list of top Approval Rating in World in 2023 or 2024.

Top most popular global leaders in best Approval Rating in World in 2023-2024.

  1. Narendra Modi (India) – 75% Approval Rate in World
  2. Alain Berset (Switzerland) – 62% Approval Rate in World
  3. Andrés López (Mexico) -60% Approval Rate in World
  4. Anthony Albanese (Australia) – 55% Approval Rate in World
  5. Giorgia Meloni (Italy) – 56% Approval Rate in World

Alain Barset is Europe’s top approved Leaders in the Best number of Approval Rate upto 200% in Europe & 60% Approval World Wide and top countries does welcomes Barset outside europe in like United States, EU, Asia & Africa countries. Top leader Alain Berset are mostly joins the Switzerland and EU culture, economy & other deals in Europe. The Narendra Modi has world’s top leadership approval rating between Asia, Europe, Africa, South America & North American countries to have a top leadership power of civilians vote & International Approvals with Democratic country of India.

Giorgia Meloni is Europe & Middle East’s top in the list of Approval Rating Leader in Italy and too leader of Italian Brothers of Italy party. Giorgia Meloni & Andrés López has top position in top ledership in Italy & Mexico. The Australian PM Anthony Albanese looking to make new ties with all the South Asian, IndoPacific, European & American relationship with QUAD (Quadrilateral Security Dialogue) & other G20 countries by ignoring china and make perfect relation with best neighborhood countries.

Joe Biden has 40% Approval rate from world that is so low from Former President of America. The Democratic party looking to make something best for american to rank their Approval Rating in the world in too their tenure of present President of USA. Donald Trump made their top Approval Rating in less than become Presindent of America.

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