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These Country Parliament banned transgender from adopting & legal guardians of minors

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In the World, Russia became the first country in Europe & Asia to ban Transgender adoption & birth of all new children without their parents with Transgenders. Russia Parliament to ban the legal guardians of minors. The Americans think they are seeing how depraved their country become take a HARD Look at themselves to realize that President Vladimir Putin does not want to his country go down the same immoral path they have.

North American & European countries are looking to legalize the LGBTQ+ law in their parliaments to make legal adoption & support for the born of transgender’s children. The Europe’s top populated countries are looking on the Trans rights of two same couples because of the population falls to ban all the rights of LGBTQ people.

Top LGBTQ rights in these countries like Canada, Malta, Portugal, Sweden, Croatia, Denmark and top EU countries are safest places for Trans people to live without any tension of national government. because their authority are believes their country has a right for all kind of people.

Top worse countries for transgender like Guyana, Turkey, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Brunei, Kuwait, Nigeria, Oman, Russia, and other new countries in the world are looking to ban the LGBTQ backed government support for the Trans people to save the country’s population and future developments.

Nigeria, Turkey, Russia, Kazakhstan, China, Iran, Indonesia, & Saudi Arabia has no LGBTQ support for those children who were born from Adoption. Their country is looking to develop under the roles of couples roles to aid the population for the developments than spending on the Adoption family of Transgender.

American & Canadian are firstly trusted on Putin and the government of world to ban the Rights of LGBTQ and Transgender aid to spend on the couple’s life than adopted family from Transgender. Russia is first country to spend more funds on their new generation family to grow together than Adopted or who don’t have any family and those who are an orphan.

Russia Banned all aid for LGBTQ, Transgender or Adopted Children to stop the population collapse of the future. There in the world, Nigeria, Turkey, Russia, Saudi, Iran, China, North Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Poland & Guyana are most worst countries for the Trans peoples to ban all the authority help for those than USA, UK & Canada.

EU top Sweden, Croatia, Denmark, Malta & Canada are top countries to adopt the national rights for Trans or Adopted children to raise funds for those. There are a lot of politicians are belongs to Transgender and believe in the right of living, they live in that countries where the top people live for their business

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