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These countries may shutdown after US inflation rose : US Inflation and jobs

US shutdown 2023, Jobs in US, Debt of USA, US Inflation, US Congress investing in top companies, Saudi Arabia Oil fewer Producing, US inflation reducing plans in 2024, affect the all countries. top countries may face shutdown in UK, Germany, France, and Turkey, empowering petrodollar, UAE & Saudi helps the US against Inflations. How US can increase the Jobs in US, during the shutdown?


In the United States, Many US citizen lost their jobs, employment, and small businesses after the biggest Inflation rate, drop in hour income loss of the economy during the war, US debt, and financial loss. In these top countries like the UK, Germany, France, and Turkey, there may be new rumors of Shutdowns in Europe and Asia. Most of the currency lost their resistance support against USD and Gold. US and EU countries have the largest number of debt, inflation, and treasury investments but the people of their countries face the highest number of interest rates, inflations, and new regulation rules.

US inflation-reducing plans in 2024, affect the all countries.

The US, UK, France, and Germany have the highest inflation rate, interest rate on Currency, and saving the existence of local currency instead of jobs, employment, and forex. US Congress passed a new bill to reduce inflation and increase or give back the jobs of huge employers in top developed states. US Congress and the Biden Administration will make new strategies to decrease taxes, banking charges, fees, interest rate and secure the funds, and offer many utilities to top banks and AUMs. US Biden administration will make fewer imports from abroad, and invest in top companies like ExxonMobil, Apple, Mineral fuels, Machinery, Vehicles, refined petroleum, and all the other banking stocks. US plan to make a powerful market of USD by banning imports and increase exports to increase jobs and employment up to 3,000,000 jobs in the US. US, UK, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Jordan interested in new corridors to invest a huge amount to make profitable tresury and economical ways to attract the people of US and People whi live from outside In US. top US States including Maryland, DC, Alaska, Virginia, Wyoming and Hawaii affected most inflation but top US states like New York, Texas, California still have not more inflation and shutdown rates.

How US can increase the Jobs in US, during the shutdown?

US now facing a global competition with exports, imports, investments, demographic, education and some US congress passing bill which is making some more affordable to increase the interest of outside’s companies to offer the investments in US and increase the wages, employemnts and work hours. most of US experts are says, US will reduce the aid to global countries like Ukraine, Israel, Palestine, Yemen, Sudan and all that countries which is allies of US in outside. This is short-term of shutdown in US, many companies are making ties with outsider to keep stable with their stable emploments and also increasing the rate of employements. Small Businesses in US, have been Affected with this recent Inflations. US debt, Interest rate and Aid to Ukraine affecting the system of US and other countries.

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