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The world’s most expensive Hindu temple is being built in UAE, Ayodhya Ram Mandir : Hindu Mandir

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Recently, another Ram temple is being built in the world, which is one of the largest temples in the world. Whose name is The BAPS Hindu Temple which is said to be the largest universal temple in the world and is considered very important for the Hindu religion or people living outside UAE. As of now, it remains the largest religious place in India other than Ayodhya, till now its name is Ayodhya or Ram Mandir, but in the Middle East, The BAPS Hindu Temple is also the largest Hindu temple in the world and Asia. India’s PM Narendra Modi will also be inaugurated in February 2024. Actually, The BAPS Hindu Mandir is considered to be the biggest pride and the biggest place of worship of the Hindu society in the entire Middle East. Now GCC or Arab League countries are working on many projects like railway lines which will be very beneficial for the people living in the Middle East which means that the Hindu people working in the Middle East can now pray in The BAPS Hindu Mandir in UAE.

Who Is the most expensive mandir in the world, Ram Mandir or BAPS Hindu Mandir?

However, the cost of the recently constructed Ram Mandir (Ayodhya) or BAPS Hindu Mandir is almost equal because the same amount of money spent on Ram Mandir is also spent on BAPS Hindu Mandir. Currently, they have spent around Rs 1200 Crores to Rs 1600 Crores on BAPS Hindu, which will be ready within the next two months but the work of Ram Mandir is still pending. In which the total cost of the Ram Mandir has also been said to be Rs 1800 crores. In such a situation, top building experts believe that the cost of building Hindu temples in Abu Dhabi and Ayodhya is almost Rs.1800 Crore. It is possible that in the future, other types of developments can take place near the Abu Dhabi Temple, which will be a great opportunity for real estate, stay, and business development for the Hindu religion around the world. Currently, there is a lot of Indian presence in UAE and the Middle East but if GCC or Arab League countries run a program together then all the Hindu people living in the Middle East will visit this Hindu temple. And the UAE government can also increase other types of development, real estates and financial sectors around the Bapas Hindu Temple.

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