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The US may Approve F-22 raptor fighter jets deal to Turkey in 2024 : Turkey Vs Kurdistan

Turkey VS Kurds, Israel Vs Turkey in Kurdistan, Will Israel, Russia, and NATO Sell Fighter Jets and anti-aircraft missile systems to Kurds against Turkey?, American F-22 raptor deal to Turkey in 2024, Iran vs Turkey in Kurdistan.


Currently, Turkey wants to buy top fighter jets from the US to take major action against Kurdistan in Iraq and Syria because of Turkey’s security defense and Kurdistan. Due to this now more operations can be conducted by Turkey in Syria and Iraq. Recently, the US government has approved the deal for Turkey’s F-16 fighter jets. Currently, Turkey has signed a $30 Billion USD F16 fighter jet deal with the US which seems to give the Turkish Army and Turkish Air Force the power to take major actions against the Kurds in Syria and Iraq. This is a very strategic deal between NATO countries in which the US and NATO countries can deal with Turkey and also for many types of weapons, arms, and defense equipment. By the way, Turkey’s stance also seems to be changing regarding Israel and Gaza war. Because of the way the US has made friends with Turkey and the US for F-16 Fighter Jets, in the same way, Israel can also sell fighter jets to Kurds in the future. However, there is no chance of any deal between Israel and Kurds due to the Israel and Hamas war but if Turkey takes action on a large scale against Kurds on Syria and Iraqi Borders then Israel will also support Kurds in Iraq and Syria.

Will Israel, Russia, and NATO Sell Fighter Jets and anti-aircraft missile systems to Kurds against Turkey?

Israel’s SPYDER (Surface-to-air Python and Derby) is an anti-aircraft missile system that can help the Kurds in the future because there is still a war going on between Turkey and the Kurds and so it seems that in future Turkey will have a bigger operation than the whole. US and Israel launch attacks against Kurds, both of whom will support each other in Iraq or Syria. If Turkey will create problems for Israel for all corridors, exports, and imports then in the future Israel can also sell many types of advanced weapons to Kurds. Because now Turkey has removed Israel from its export list and if Turkey becomes a threat to Israel’s defense, then Kurdistan can create a huge opportunity for Israel. Israel had earlier also said that if the leaders of Hamas and Iranianbacked militia are in Turkey when Israel will definitely take action against them. And because now directing action against Turkey is like taking an enemy from NATO for Israel, but by giving aid and support to Kurds, Israel can wage a proxy war with Turkey. Turkey can also continuously take action against the Kurds, due to which the President of Turkey may declare a state of war against the Kurds. In this way, the US, Russia, Iran, and NATO are already providing support to Kurds. but now it seems that in the future, Turkey will have the power to attack Kurds due to which Turkey will get more top fighter jets like F22, F35, and F16 from the US.

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