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Tesla Model S Latest Concept for store in China to build electric cars under 60 Seconds in 2024

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California’s top electric car company of Elon Musk are making new powerful machine latest concept about cars building in less than 1 minute in the future of Tesla electric cars in Giga Factory at Shanghai. The Tesla’s new models design manuactring in happening in California to share the blue print of Tesla Model S cars, new features with China and top other manufacturer companies.

The Tesla Model S looking to integrate various new features about Electric Vehicle, High-strenght Architecture, floor mounted battery pack, active safety features & Automatic Emergency Braking at no extra cost. Tesla’s Next upcoming features of Tesla cars about Full Self Driving (FSD) may take a new release the functionality.

China’s top tesla manufacturing store concept to dominate Top Tesla car’s manufacturing epicentre to make Tesla’s new features about manufacturing & design under less than minutes despite before Elon Musk plan to change or shifts their manufacturing store into other top asian countries like Taiwan, India & Singapore.

China are manufacturing all cars companies from across the Japanese, American, Korean & European into Shanghai & top chinese manufacturing cities with large amount of jobs and cheap labour costs of country. China making all cars manufacturing latest concept with Tesla & SAIC cars to build a car within 60 seconds of remaining by their AI cars company SAIC partnerships.

China’s new AI robotic arm makes the work of assembling various panels, frames, colours, architecture, automatic car building & artificial intelligence based maths to build of new Tesla Model 3‘s & upcoming Tesla Model S in 2024. Robotic cars building ways are mostly best options for the each other countries to make ties with China about all new car bulding concepts, because of China foucing on the less time car building ideas to make new things within minutes or hours.

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