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Taliban & These Countries Banned the OnlyFans website in Afghanistan & Each country for creators and digital payments

OnlyFan platform banned in these countries, Taliban banned OnlyFan creators of subscription. world’s top countries banned OnlyFan payment platforms in those countries. Adult, 18+ and entertainment, keep away civilians from prostitution, training, ellegal education in their countries.


The recent, the Taliban banned the world’s top digital subscription payment gateway for the digital creator’s businesses of musicians, YouTubers, Fitness, Trainers, online education course providers, live streams, fitness, models, and content creators of some different are ready to Monetize their profession on the internet to earn millions of USD at home or office by sharing digital paid services with their audiences.

Taliban banned OnlyFan Digital creators platforms, because of these reasons.

Taliban banned OnlyFan digital payment method in the country because of 18+ content, S*x & Po*nographic content publishers in between the people of Afghanistan and the Taliban may think the International may make new tension in Afghanistan & rule of the Taliban. Taliban has banned the international payment gateways for their own people like Content Creators, Publishers, and Subscriber of the country. who likes entertainment, 18+ adult content, and keep away civilians from prostitution, training, education, and various kind of digital global payment facilities via the internet to save civilians from illegal payouts.

These countries are also banned OnlyFan payment platforms in countries.

These countries are also banned the OnlyFans in the country like Dubai, Russia, India, Belarus, Afghanistan, and some African countries to keep away from illegal knowledge from the aboard countries, those countries are shares some reasons about banning OnlyFans to keep away their children from these kind of adult and 18+ scenes of content creators. OnlyFan is the most popular and easy payment method for the content creators and video publishers who want to give a subscription services around world to earn a massive earnings from world.

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