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Taliban planning to export Food and Gold to Europe, Africa, and US : Afghanistan NATO relations

Taliban Investing in Europe, top companies planning to import from Afghanistan including food, Drug and gold. Why Does the Arab League & OIC Support Israel amid the Israel-Gaza War?, With which country does the Taliban want to establish deep relations.


Many types of events are taking place in the world like IsraelGaza, TaiwanChina and Ukraine, and Russia. In such a situation, many countries want to increase relations with each other like Pakistan, India, Europe, Afghanistan, Africa, and Latin America. In such current events, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, and UAE are also in the same race to establish relations with new countries. GCC is very important for Saudi Arabia, Europe, and Asia for Afghanistan and UAE relations with Israel. Currently, Afghanistan’s Director of Business or Administration is improving its relations with Europe and is exporting more and more commodities like food, drugs, gold, fruits, and coal.

Why Does the Arab League & OIC Support Israel amid the Israel-Gaza War?

After the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, it has become clear for the first time that Europe and America want to maintain good relations with the Taliban. But Gaza, Palestine, Hamas, and Iran are considered terrorist countries. So from this, you can guess why 57 Islamic countries are silent in the IsraelGaza war and whether anyone will be able to stop the Israel-Gaza war. There is no fight between religions in Gaza and Israel because Saudi, UAE, Oman, Jordan, and many other Islamic countries support Israel. Similarly, the Taliban is also not taking much interest in the Israel-Gaza war to improve relations with Europe and the US.

With which country does the Taliban want to establish deep relations?

The Taliban party minister is recently on a tour of Europe and he has received a very good welcome in Europe. Taliban is now in Europe to build good relations with the Netherlands, Belgium, Slovakia, Germany, Romania, Poland, Austria, France, and the UK. Taliban be able to help the US against Iran if there was a war between Iran and the US. This means that Afghanistan is also thinking of building good relations with Iran and at the international level Taliban will have to choose someone from Russia, China, Iran, and the US or Europe. However, the Taliban may or may not choose Europe, Russia, or the like because it has also fought a war against the US and Russia before. But yes, the Taliban can maintain good relations with BRICS, Europe, and with US because it has no interest in the Cold War between the US and Russia. However, the Taliban wants to build Afghanistan’s relations with Latin America, North America, Africa, and Europe.

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