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Taiwan to buy F-35 from US amid China and North Korea tension in Indo-pacific : US China News

China and Japan to buy F35, Su-35 and S400 amid US in Taiwan-China War, Why did China buy the Sukhoi Su-35 from Russia to invade Taiwan, Why did Russia and the US not sell weapons to the Pacific?, Will US Sell F35 to China and Japan?, Why US could not sell F35 instead of F16 to Taiwan? China and North Korea tension.


Currently, it seems from Taiwan’s Defense sources that Taiwan’s army wants to get American F-35 Aircraft and Fighter Jets which can reduce the long-term war with China in the future because currently there are few sources. It is said that Taiwan already has 150+ F16 fighter jets which will not be successful in retaliating war against China in the future because it has recently demonstrated China’s nuclear missile. Because China is not happy to accept the US’s need for Taiwan, apart from military action on Taiwan, it can also take many economic actions in the future because Taiwan is far ahead in the economy and will make deep relations with the US as well. So the consequences of all this are that the US will not be able to help Taiwan and Israel much because if China and Japan pay more money to the US then F35 can be given to China and Japan instead of Taiwan.

Why did China buy the Sukhoi Su35 from Russia to invade Taiwan, Why did Russia and the US not sell weapons to the Pacific?

The Western media has been saying that China owns Taiwan and can attack it like Russia because America is giving huge strategic weapons to Taiwan. it does not seem that Tibet, Hong Kong, and Uyghur like be easy for China. Now Russian S400 is enough to shoot down American F35 easily but if Russia also gave Sukhoi Su35 to China then it will not be easy for American weapons to survive in Taiwan as it is inferior to F35. Many countries have purchased Su35 instead of F35 fighter jets. However, compared to China’s fighter jets, defense system, and attack helicopters, its economy has the potential to become a superpower, but in terms of weapons, Russia and the US are the top countries in the world. There is also a question of whether Russia and America can give fighter jets, weapons, and military equipment to China or Taiwan because of the Israel and Ukraine war. – The answer to this is quite complicated. Currently, China and Taiwan are still safe but there is still a war going on in Israel, Gaza, Russia, and Ukraine so the US would not want Taiwan to get any weapons other than F16. because for now US is in proxy wars between Iran, Russia, Gaza, and Europe. And there is one more question in all this where F-35 can also be given to Taiwan and the Middle East and that is the presence of American soldiers in the Middle East and Indo-Pacific.

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