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Sweden is the safest country for Atheists and agnostics, Why Salwan Momika accident in Norway?

Why was Salwan Momika found dead, Sweden for Atheists, safest country for Atheists and agnostics? top religion in Sweden and Norway. Salwan Momika in Norway, Islam and Quran. Top 5 safest country for Atheists.


Currently, due to some radicalization or religious activities, it seems that in the future, Sweden will become the world’s largest Atheists and agnostics country where almost 80% of the people follow Atheists and agnostics. The official religion of Sweden is the Lutheran Church of Sweden where Catholics, Orthodox Christians, Jews, Muslims, and Buddhists have the least population. With this, Sweden now has the world’s top population of atheists and agnostics, who live their lives completely separate from religion. Most atheists and agnostics believe that by being atheists they can enjoy their future, science, and real-time life. Like in the case of me, Salwan Momika, an atheist who had nothing to do with religion, was quite radical against the Quran and Islam in Sweden. Just now news is coming that Salwan Momika’s body was found somewhere in Norway, which means that Salwan Momika went missing from his rooms the day after coming to Norway. Like Sweden, Norway is also considered the best place for all religions or atheists, but this recent incident of Salwan Momika was no less than a shock for all atheists. Although Salvan Momika was an atheist, he was also a radical anti-Islam supporter. This is being told to the critics of Iraq, where major experts and news agencies believe that Salwan Momika was also an Iraqi critic who was against illegal immigrants, ISIS, terrorism, and anti-Islam.

Why was Salwan Momika found dead, Sweden for Atheists, safest country for Atheists and agnostics?

Such death of Salwan Moimika and the discovery of his dead body raises many questions about Iraqi Connection, Islamic Radicalization, and Swedish and external matters are also involved. But now the way Salvan Momika continues to be anti-Islam, people are now pointing their fingers at Islam and ISIS. So far, Norwegian police and investigation have not been able to find out how Salwan Momika died, but if the case is taken further, more may be found. But now after the recent death of Salwan Momika, there is a lot of debate going on on the internet between his followers and anti-Salwan Momika people. Currently, in the top countries where the Atheist population is living quite well, it has become a risk for some Atheist’s life even to go against any religion. The rest of the countries in the world so far are Sweden (46–85%), Vietnam (81%), Denmark (43–80%), Norway (31–72%), and Japan ( 64–65%). The biggest connection of Salwan Momika is said to be Iraq. But till now it is not known who killed Salwan Momika and why. Apart from religious and business reasons, there are many reasons that have not yet been found out as to why Salvan Momika became a victim.

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