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Starbucks, McDonald’s, and Walmart losing partners in the world amid Israel-Gaza War : US Stock

US Stocks are failing, top US companies billions of USD losses in Islamic World, Why are top companies moving to the Middle East, and the Islamic world, and stopping supporting Israel?. US Stock, Dominance, Revenue, Employment and jobs.


Currently, due to the war between Israel, Gaza, and Hezbollah, top US companies like Starbucks, McDonald’s, and Walmart are now breaking ties with regional partner companies. Due to this, not only the American top companies are facing loss but other existing partnership companies of the world are also facing losses due to which other consequences of US Stock, Dominance, Revenue, Employment and jobs of future US companies can be created. Which has more and more chances of getting the world’s economy, jobs, debt, and business to fail along with that of the world. Currently, in the last few months, Starbucks, McDonald’s, and Walmart have suffered the most losses, whereas in the rest of the world, big companies have suffered more losses in such a short period of time only because of the Israel and Gaza war. Currently, the total value of Starbucks, McDonald’s, and Walmart has almost exceeded $50b and it is possible that these US companies may suffer even more due to loss of partnerships from around the world.

Why are top companies moving to the Middle East, and the Islamic world, and stopping supporting Israel?

Along with Google, Facebook, Oracle, and top tech, manufacturing companies are also setting up other businesses in Neom City or UAE due to financial, business, and workplace opportunities in Saudi Arabia and UAE. Many of the top US companies are asking for forgiveness for doing business or partnerships in the Middle East and Islamic countries around the world so that they can stabilize US companies again in the future. So now in the coming future, if the Israel and Gaza war ends or continues, it will be very difficult for Walmart, Pfizer, JPMorgan, Disney, Salesforce, and Starbucks to gain entry in the Islamic world or the Middle East. Due to the ongoing war in Israel and Gaza, the stocks or markets of almost all the US companies have gone down and to save it, now the US’s top tech, manufacturing, science, Aerospace, Agriculture, Automotive, Business, and Financial are also down. The plan of those companies are to shift its headquarters to another country.

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