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Starbucks Huge Losses in Southeast Asian Countries Amid Israel and Gaza War : SBUX stock

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Currently, due to Israel Gaza War, Starbucks which is the top company in the world has seen losses of almost Millions of USD and at the same time StarbucksSBUX stock is also falling by 1-2% daily. However, the CEO of Starbucks has openly said that Starbucks does not have much interest in the Israel and Gaza war. but still, most of the Starbucks stores in other Islamic countries are closed or boycotted forever or because of the Israel and Gaza war. However, Jewish-backed companies have been boycotted in many countries in America, where people are still buying Starbucks products like UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Turkey. Recently, according to a report in Malaysia, Starbucks is said to be facing losses of approximately $10M+ which are continuing losses even after the old boycott. But Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Brunei, Singapore, Pakistan, Iran, and almost 50% of Islamic countries have completely boycotted Starbucks. But if in the future Japan, India, China and other Pro-Palestine of US start boycotting then Starbucks will have to suffer historical losses.

Will Starbucks (SBUX) stocks fall to $5 USD in 2024, Will Starbucks become bankrupt?

However, in the face of other top US stock investors, Starbucks‘ stock is not going to fall suddenly if a competitor like Starbucks comes in China, the US, Europe, and the Middle East. then in the future, Starbucks’ stock price will not reach $100+. So in such a situation, it seems that in the future, there will be a danger of unemployment, bankruptcy, rising debt, and job loss in startups. Currently, Starbucks’ support is being extended to Israel but if in the future other Starbucks alternatives like Unilever Group, Dunkin’ Brands and Islamic Halal companies enter the market in the Middle East, Africa, Indo-Pacific, and Islamic countries. Starbucks will suffer its biggest losses from Islamic countries. But recently, the more wars continue with Israel, Gaza, Lebanon, Iran, and Syria, the more losses Starbucks will incur. According to December 2023 reports, there have been losses of $11 billion USD and now it seems that Starbucks will have losses of approximately $50 billion USD in the future by 2024.

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