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Spain blocks access to Strait of Gibraltar for Israel after the Red Sea and Houthi tension : Israel Hamas War

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Recently news is coming from Europe that due to Spain’s continuous Pro-Palestine thinking now it seems so. That if the EU, NATO, and Turkey do not negotiate more with Israel then within the next few days Spain will completely suspend for Israeli Vessels from the Strait of Gibraltar to Israel. Where after Israel’s warning from the Red Sea, it can get a big blow from Spain. Because Spain has already said that if the US, EU, and NATO fail to stop the Israel and Gaza war, then Spain may make its own decision about the IsraelHamas war. So, due to all this, it now seems that Spain can take some big steps against Israel like taking an economic ban, visa ban, and Strait of Gibraltar Canal route. The Red Sea, Strait of Gibraltar, and Sea of ​​Aden are not controlled by any one country but the whole world has its own laws to pass through those routes, but if the war continues for a long time then any one country or group in such an economic Routes can be stopped.

Why did Spain Block the Strait of Gibraltar for Israel amid the Gaza War?

Even Spain will not want this but if Spain feels that there is a truce between its government and the people of Palestine and Israel then Spain can block the Strait of Gibraltar for the interests of its people and can block the Strait of Gibraltar in the interests of its people. The Strait of Gibraltar is controlled by Britain, Spain, and Morocco, and due to the silence of the UK and Morocco, Spain will not be able to take these actions but it can happen if the UK, Morocco, and Spain start raising their voice for Palestine. Israel will also have to face losses and economic impacts from all routes through Gibraltar. Countries like America and France have also started supporting Gaza and Palestine, so it is possible that if Israel takes over Gaza, all these impacts can be heavy for Israel.

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