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Somalia may offer Iran, China military amid Yemen conflict With Ethiopia in Africa : US News

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Currently, due to the old conflict between Somalia and Ethiopia, there is a possibility of a new war in another Africa due to which a war-like situation can arise between Somalia and Ethiopia. Currently, there is a war going on between Yemen and the US against Israel and Hamas, now there is also a war going on between Somalia and Ethiopia due to Iran and American interests. In the Middle East due to the Red Sea crisis and the IsraelHamas war, some new countries have a future amid the tension in Africa and the Middle East’s political, territorial, and Economic. And now the war between that and Yemen has now reached between Somalia and Ethiopia. Just as the war is going on between IsraelGaza, now it is also going to happen between Somalia and Ethiopia because the entry of Iran in Somalia and the entry of the US and Turkey in Ethiopia will also cause war between Iran and NATO.

Why did Somalia and Ethiopia begin the conflict in Africa?

There is no war-like situation between Somalia and Ethiopia, this is how the political tensions between Somalia and Ethiopia are increasing, the Ogaden region and the Red Sea now seem to be like Yemen’s US war between Somalia and Ethiopia. Anyone can enter. Because the entry of Iran and NATO into Somalia may now create a war-like situation in the Ogaden region. Because even if the US and Iran are not face to face in war for now, they may face face to face in the future. However, China, Iran, Yemen, and Russia also have backed groups and politics in Somalia, but for now, the US, Turkey, NATO, and Japan also have troops in Ethiopia. Because for now the Red Sea and Israel are being said to be the biggest threats to the world economy, it seems that in the future, due to the proxy army, Houthi and Yemen war, we may have to choose between Somalia and Ethiopia, US and Iran. Because Somali, Ethiopian, and Djibouti’s armies can play a big role in their border or the Sea of Aden. Because if any one country takes entry regarding Yemen, Iran, and Israel, then perhaps their enemy countries will also leave no stone unturned in taking entry.

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