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Sheepherder to Become France’s Education Minister & Her husband in France Politics, she & he were homeless in Morocco and Lebanon

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A Moroccan Sheepherder was homeless, helpless, and alone in the world of education, success, and future in 20 years. France become the world’s top education for international students of the world. Her name is Najat VallaudBelkacem she was born poor family, and she has lived their life in between animals and sheep and also tried to get jobs abroad. She has income sources like her own Sheepherder to continue their education and live life in Aborad or in Morocco to make a new future with new richest students to grow herself. France has the world’s top economic sources related to education, international students from Africa, Books, French languages abroad, and multiple reading languages like Arabic, French, Chinese, Dutch, English, and Russian.

France is the future of African students and top-graduated people from Africa.

France has millions of African Students than the US, UK, Asian and European. Africa’s future Students and children have bright lives with France to grow themselves without any restrictions like other countries. Najat VallaudBelkacem migrated to France in Their Childhood life when she was Sheepherding in the Beni Chiker village of Morocco. She moved to France, she faced a lot of verifications, interviews, and other relationship issues in France because she was an immigrant in 1982 she married in 2005 with Boris Vallaud and both futures are the same in Education and Politics in France. That marriage was the history and luck of Sheepherder who is from France and their husband supported her to continue their future in Education to become France’s education minister. Najat VallaudBelkacem is now a top popular face of UNESCO and other top Organizations gained her own popularity from childhood world of her.

Who supported her to become the richest education & scholarship minister in Europe?

She has done more hard work in their life, She has a perfect relationship, life partner, and friends who spend money, France treats her like a Morocco and spends most money to continue their life and become the greatest person in the education world. Boris Vallaud is also from Lebanon and they both are from each country and making their life financially perfect in France to earn income and take interests in France’s Education system and Political system. Morocco and Lebanon both face sad days and incomplete story of the new generation and their civilians who left Morocco and Lebanon now become top grades in France and Europe.

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