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Shani Louk is Alive after Hamas’s kidnapping in Israel, will Hamas kill that hostage?

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Recently there was a militant action in Israel regarding rockets and kidnapping. By the way, many sources are also saying that all those kidnapped by Hamas are safe inside the Gaza hospital. Shani Louk’s video became the most viral and many countries of the world also gave big statements on it against Gaza and Hamas. Shani Louk is being treated inside Gaza and it is believed that Hamas had kidnapped him but he was not released because his family recently went to Gaza and found out that Shani Louk is still alive.

Is kidnapped people still alive or killed?

Citizens of all US, German, and European countries were kidnapped by Hamas, as is alleged by the EU, but it is not yet confirmed whether Hamas has kept them alive or not and what Hamas is going to do with them. But now Hamas has announced that if Israel attacks Gaza then they can kill even many people. So this clearly means that those people belonging to Hamas are still safe but even now their videos are also available on the internet. In the video of Shani Louk which went viral, it is clearly visible that Hamas will either do a people-to-people exchange deal or this war will escalate further. However, there are two points here: Israel has deployed its entire military to kill or trap Hamas militants, but currently, Israel is only bombing and it is clear that Hamas militants are still hiding in Israel. All buildings or places are also being bombed. Qatar also wants to make a deal with Hamas and Israel to resolve this issue in which Hamas will send back Israeli people and Israel will send back Hamas militants or prisoners of Palestinians.

Arab League meeting in Egypt for Israel-Palestine Conflict, will israel agree for peace?

Similarly, all the 25+ Muslim countries of the world are holding a meeting in Egypt regarding the Israel-Palestine deal in which people-to-people exchange and Israel will try to stop the Palestine conflict. If they believe that this deal will be good for their citizens then they will stop attacks in Gaza and if Israel does not agree to this deal then this war can be prolonged. Because people are dying from both sides and chances of proxy war will also increase. However, Israel may not be happy with this deal because Palestine, Gaza, and the two-state solution are also included in this deal. By the way, if we talk about the killing of people, Israel has killed about 150,000 Palestinians since 2008, so the fault will not be of Palestine alone.

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