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Saudi & UAE become the real Iron Dome and Defense of Israel in Finance, Defense and War : Israel Gaza War

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Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Jordan want that if the GazaIsrael war continues for a long time then they can normalize their defense, trade, or ties with them. Because currently, whatever Saudi Arabia did against Israel and in support of Palestine, all of them are now useless for Saudi Arabia and Saudi Arabia wants both America and Israel to remain its friends. whether the war continues or Gaza or No matter how many attacks Israel may make. Be it the war in Syria, Iraq, or the war between Yemen, Hezbollah, Hamas, and Israel. Saudi Arabia and UAE have always been pro-Israel and America because Houthi is the biggest threat to them. In such a situation, no matter how long the war between Hamas and Israel continues, the Houthi may become worse than Hamas.

Why do Saudi Arabia and UAE want Israel and American & Israeli cooperation in the Middle East Against Houthi?

However, even Saudi Arabia and UAE cannot support Hamas and Palestine because Houthi and Iran’s Proxy America are the biggest challenges for Israel and UAE/Saudi. They are openly in support of Israel and in the future they can buy weapons, iron domes, and arms of many defense sectors from Israel. Being an Islamic country, there is pressure on them too, but if they were countries of any other religion, perhaps they could have funded Israel also. Because they have come to know that Houthi, Iran, Hamas, and Hezbollah can pose a threat to them in the future, and if by chance America withdraws its army then Iran can create even more trouble for UAE and Saudi Arabia. If this war ends today, Saudi and Israel can come closest to Israel.

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