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Saudi, Russia, Libya & Israel discuss historic new ties at cooperation in Africa, Saudi Nuclear weapons

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The recent, French army and Macron’s dominance in Africa are rapidly dropping from African countries after Burkina Faso, Niger, Nigeria, and North and Central African countries are looking to forward with Russia to do all the relations with France and French Army after the biggest coup. Russian Federation army joined the African countries to develop, offer the BRICS, and support the Africans against the Western countries.

Israel is also worried about Middle East and Africa relations to make new friendly relations with African countries through Libya and some strong geographical countries. All the neighborhood countries of Israel and Libya are moving with China & Russia to develop something without the restriction of International laws.

Saudi Arabia is opening its door to China to develop Nuclear plants to develop its own Nuclear weapon without the USA & NATO countries. Saudi Arabia has bright thoughts about becoming the first nuclear-powered country of BRICS. Modern Saudi Arabia’s Prince MBS (Muhhamad Bin Salman) is looking to make more independent power from the USA & Western countries to deploy their own nuclear-powered plants with China and Russia to make free from USA, Israel & UK.

Israel became the first and neighborhood of the biggest tension for Iran developing underground Nuclear power with its own technology and uranium strategy. Israel, the USA & NATO are losing the best geo-political and geographic value of relations between the USA, UK, France, Saudi & Iran In Africa to make legal relations in Defense, Business, Trade, and currencies against the US Dollar’s dominance.

Israel making deep ties with Libya and other African countries to make new relationships instead of Russia and their ally. Israel wants to discuss historical ties between all the countries of Africa to make the possibility of cooperation in Israeli aid in humanitarian issues, agriculture, defense, trades, business, investments, and water management and make new ties in Africa instead of European countries.

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