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Saudi Arabia to purchase up to 50% stake in NBA, IPL, WWE in 2024 : Sports Investing

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Saudi Arabia’s Prince Mohammad Bin Salman is Planning to Invest a huge amount of USD in the United State’s top Sports industries including the National Basketball Association (NBA), which also holds massive interests and sports investment plans of Saudi Vision 2030. Due to all these, Saudi Arabia has made its investments, interests, and programs in Football, Cricket, and many other sports. Now Saudi Arabia has its eyes on the top sports of the US and Latin American countries in which it wants to spend billions of USD on Basketball. And currently in the rest of the world programs like War, Economic Losses, and Political issues are running much more than other programs like Basketball in the US. Seeing the values ​​of Soccer, Basketball, and Football in the US and Europe, Saudi Arabia has now also made a plan to become American, African, and Asian. Want to buy stakes worth billions of USD in Indo-Pacific and European sports so Saudi can become the hub of sports in the long term? – Yes, Saudi Arabia’s top economic assets include tourism, Agriculture, Sports and entertainment.

Why is Saudi Arabia buying every sector of Sports, NBA, WWE, and IPL?

All Saudi Arabia is not only partnering with the stocks of companies but also guaranteeing that their industries will have 2X to up to 5X values ​​in the market of Saudi Arabia. So, along with Saudi Arabia, other countries like UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, and Egypt are also moving on the same path so they want to strengthen their economy, financially, and every industry in the long term. Because of this, Saudi, Iran, UAE, and Qatar, who are enemies of each other economically and geopolitically, today all of them together are trying to bring new hope to the Middle East. Once upon a time, the value of the NBA (National Basketball Association) was only $5 to $10 billion, but now its value may increase to $100b+ due to Saudi Arabia’s continuous investment in the Sports Industry. Along with this, interest in Saudi Arabia Wave, Tennis, Badminton, Cricket (IPL), Volleyball, and Soccer sports also seems to be increasing. So now we can assume that Saudi Arabia’s investment can take the sports industry to approximately $2 Trillion. Along with this, Saudi will also try to establish its own sports clothing, expensive fashion, Celebrities, Shoes, marketing, and retailing companies which will provide a new hope to sports from all sides.

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