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Saudi Arabia to build the first nuclear power Plants in 2024 : Nuclear Middle East

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Currently, Saudi Arabia is the first Arab country in the Middle East that has launch its first Nuclear Projects along with South Korea, Russia, China, France, and France which is causing a huge blow to the US and Israel. Because now due to the use of Iran’s nuclear warhead, uranium, Saudi Arabia has also built Nuclear Plants in its country which are now in use, France, Russia, and China are getting the biggest opportunities from Saudi Arabia. Because now Saudi Arabia is using nuclear plants for the first time inside the country. Investment, and development along with Saudi Arabia’s Nuclear Electric Power (South Korea for Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO), Russia for Nuclear Energy (Rosatom), China for Nuclear Corporation (CNNC), and British and France-owned (EDF) increasing. This is the first time that Saudi Arabia has not taken the cooperation of the European Union, Israel, and the US for the plants of the First Nuclear Projects which means that it will be very difficult to normalize relations with Saudi Arabia and the US and Israel in the future.

Why is Saudi Arabia making ties with France, the UK, South Korea, China, and Russia?

Currently, regarding the US and Israel’s foreign policy, Israel Gaza war, Iran and Yemen matter, Saudi Arabia, along with Russia, China, and France are working on their First Nuclear Power Projects, due to which the US and Israel will work with Saudi Arabia in the future. Also, sanctions can be imposed on France, South Korea, Russia, and China due to the Nuclear Treaty. In the first Saudi Nuclear Power plants, 4 companies from 4 countries compete to win the establishment of a nuclear energy project for peaceful uses in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia’s first Nuclear Power plants can also get the support of France, the UK, Russia, China, and South Korea because the current situation with the US and Israel with Iran seems to be the cause of tension in the Middle East in the future. And Israel can also strike a deal for Saudi Arabia’s Nuclear Warhead, Uranium so that Iran can be countered in the Middle East in the future. As for which country has the biggest hand in the nuclear development of Saudi Arabia, it is still not known but now one can come forward among France, Russia, and China. Now US and European media believe that Saudi Arabia can invest more than $5 to $10 in collaboration with France, Russia, and Chinese nuclear programs.

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