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Saudi Arabia offers new jobs for Israel, Chinese and US investors in Gold Discovery Makkah : Saudi Investing

US and Europe Borrow debt from Saudi Arabia, AngloGold Ashanti in Saudi Arabia, China investing in Saudi Gold mining facilities, Why is Saudi Arabia investing In US and Chinese Banks for Gold IRA to stabilize Gold Prices in the world?. Saudi Investing in Vision2030.


Currently, there are big announcements regarding Gold Discovery in other parts of Saudi Arabia, in which a big deal can be made with China, UAE, and Russian gold manufacturing companies. Saudi Arabia is now going to become the largest manufacturer and exporter of gold more than oil and petroleum. Now it is believed that Saudi Arabia will become the richest country in the world by 2030 and top investors will also prefer to take opportunities from Saudi Arabia instead of the US, Europe, and China. By the way, after Saudi Arabia gets the gold mine, now Saudi Arabia can create the world’s largest gold mine along with European and Chinese banks. Also, like JP Morgan and US banks, Saudi Arabia can now start services called Gold IRA with top banks.

Why is Saudi Arabia investing In US and Chinese Banks for Gold IRA to stabilize Gold Prices in the world?

Wells Fargo has discovered a new way to stable hedge from Inflation through Gold IRA and now it is believed that it has discovered another gold mine in Saudi Arabia. However, after the discovery of Gold, there is a new investment opportunity in Saudi Arabia’s Vision2030 in which it can further invest in the future and stabilize global gold prices. Now the world’s top gold mining companies like AngloGold Ashanti are in sight in Saudi Arabia, they can make new deals with the Saudi Prince to save Gold from global circulation and free Saudi Arabia from international debt in the future. Due to all these, some deals can also be done between the US and Saudi Arabia in which many top US or European companies can borrow gold from Saudi Arabia to increase the demand for US gold supply and top gold manufacturing countries like UAE, China, US. And Europe and Saudi Arabia will try to connect their routes. Saudi Arabia may offer the biggest Gold Mining and Manufacturing opportunities to Israel, China, and US.

Wells Fargo investing in Gold Ira to stable hedge from Inflation : Investing News

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