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Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, and UAE buy S-400 Triumph from Russia in 2024, Middle East War : Israel Vs Iran War

Will Israel attack Iran, Why do Middle Eastern countries want to buy Defense systems from Russia or the US and France?, Israel Vs Iran War, Middle East War. Arab countries buying S400, and US, and Israeli Air Defense Systems.


Currently, due to the attacks on Israel by Iran’s Ballistic, Cruise, and UAV Drones, many countries of the world are now making huge defense purchases to play the role of geopolitics along with their securities, defense, and economy. After the recent Iranian attack on Israel, many Middle Eastern countries now want to buy defense equipment from Russia, Israel, the US, and France in the future. Because for now we have seen that Iran has fired missiles at Israel but now Lebanon and Jordan are blaming Israel and Iran for using their airspace without their permission. On one side there is Lebanon which is blaming Israel for using its airspace and on the other side there is Jordan which is blaming Iran for launching missiles at Israel. This proves that Jordan is playing a lot of importance for Israel as Lebanon and Iran do, but they do not get along well with each other. So in this way, Iran was also waiting to see whether Israel would attack Iran again or then it felt that it had made a mistake by attacking Iran’s IRGC. But now Iran is absolutely free because by attacking Israel Iran has justified its own defense and self-defense and it does not want war to come. But now it is Iran’s hope that if Israel attacks Iran again then a long war between Iran and Israel is possible. The recent attack from Iran on Israel has sent a message to Israel and the US.

Will Israel attack Iran, Why do Middle Eastern countries want to buy Defense systems from Russia or the US and France?

But now the world’s attention is on Israel and if Israel attacks Iran again then in the future there can be war in the entire Middle East because of Iran and Israel. So far, the list of strongest air defense systems in the world includes the S-400 Triumph, S-300VM, THAAD, MIM-104 Patriot, Q-9 (Hong Qi 9), and Iron Dome. which are possible to intercept huge or bigger missiles attacks from the enemy. Because all the countries want for now is that if the missiles of Houthi, Hezbollah, and Iran attack Israel like Jordan and Lebanon through their airspaces then such missiles can be stopped in the future. Because in future it is also possible that in future Israel can also deploy many defense systems in Jordan and Iran can also deploy many defense systems in Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon. due to which the rest of the countries of the Middle East will also buy defense systems. Because for now, US Army bases or military bases exist in the Middle East, but if the US Army withdraws from the Middle East, there will be a threat of war between Israel and Iran for many US and Israel-friendly countries in the Middle East.

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