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Saudi Arabia & China dumping their US Treasury holdings in USD moving into Chinese Yuan & CBDC or Riyal

Saudi Arabia investing in CBDC, Yuan or Riyal? Top countries who dumped their USD or US treasury Holdings, China and Saudi Arabia ties, BRICS vs Dollar, Russia and Saudi Arabia cut the oil supply. Riyal or Yuan Global Currency instead of USD. Digital Currency for the Saudi Arabia, US Treasury holdings of Saudi & China are rapidly dumping, Dollar domianance going end?


The world’s top oil-rich country Saudi Arabia and manufacturing-rich country China are rapidly moving their independencies on the USD and USA to remove and migrate their Trade, Supply Chain, and International Transactions, Empowering Chinese Yuan, developing and offering all countries to use the Yuan Instead of USD & EUR or GBP. China has the world’s second-largest economy, developed, Supply Chain, and Manufacturing dominance with up to 55% of the global economy to offer the next top powerful currency to poor or friendly countries to use the Yuan and develop together in between China and their allies of Earth.

Top countries who dumped their USD or US treasury Holdings.

Saudi Arabia is the top country in the list of top countries who looking to migrate their USD holding into CBDC, Yuan, and Riyal treasury to secure their own future to empower the Saudi Riyal to break a new global dominance of USD and USA. China and Saudi Arabia after BRICS Summit are choosing each other economy and development with top Global Currency instead of USD. Digital Currency is also a choice of Arabians to select a decentralized and centralized payment protocol to hold their rights of own regulations and rules.

China and Saudi Arabia are making more ties with the Yuan, CBDC, and riyal to invest and use the Saudi Riyal Between Saudi Arabia and China to decrease the Dollar Dominance. BRICS is the biggest opportunity for the top economic, defense, and Per Capita income gross to make their own currency Gold and bonds of China and Saudi Arabia. China (approximately -50%) and Saudi Arabia (-65%) dumped of total their US treasury holdings from the past 1 year.

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