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Saudi Arabia, China, and Brazil Investing in Syria, Iran, and Arab League : Syria Vs Israel War

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Currently, in the future, Saudi Arabia has now established diplomatic relations with Syria, Brazil, India, and Pakistan, and is trying to establish its economic ties first. In the current war between Israel, Gaza, and Golan Heights, now Saudi Arabia is funding the war, is ahead of the US and Israel for proxy army, and is trying to improve its relations with its neighboring countries. Since Bashar Al Assad has succeeded in taking power in Syria, the interests of many countries seem to be shifting towards Syria, Russia, and Iran. So I feel that in the future, Syria, Saudi Arabia, and Iran can work together so that it does not mean the oppression of Israel and America but development in the Middle East. Whenever there is a civil war or economic war going on in the Middle East, be it Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, or any other country, Syria, Iran, and Saudi Arabia play the biggest role. But the US is still concerned about its actions against the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces, and Syrian rebels, against the Assad government, but a coming together of Iran and Saudi Arabia in the Middle East against Syria could create huge opportunities in the future. Ever since the war between the US, Israel and Gaza started, Saudi Arabia’s stance has always been on Israel, the US, and the European Backed Military but since then UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Iran have been supporting Israel. Since then, the caliphate along with Saudi Arabia and Iran has been making friendly countries in which they have boycotted the US and Israel to a large extent and are making the relationship unstable.

Why Saudi Arabia, UAE, China, Pakistan, and Iran interest in Syria?

Since Saudi Arabia, Iran, and India are simultaneously having an interest in Syria, it simply means that because of the IsraelGaza War, all the countries of the Middle East want to establish their relations with neighboring countries. Now the question in the minds of many people is why Saudi Arabia, Iran, UAE, and China together are showing so much interest in Syria, it simply means that the US and Israel have not been able to establish democracy in Syria, and this Western world. This is the biggest failure. It is possible that in the future the Assets of Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Syria may also become members of the Arab League which will create new opportunities in the Middle East. Every country needs Syria and Israel for its trade, relations, imports/exports, developments, and economic corridor. Now due to the Israel and Gaza war, Syria has lost a huge option. Saudi Arabia, Iran, the Middle East, And relations with Europe. Because during the last Civil War, Saudi, Israeli, and US-backed groups towards Syria have failed and now Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Arab countries do not want the relations with Syria to deteriorate again as it will directly benefit Iran. Now Saudi Arabia has no special role in the way other Kurds, Syrian Rebels, and Iranian proxies are acting in Syria. The biggest opportunities are available for Saudi Arabia and Arab Countries to invest in business, economy, and financial sectors in Syria. Syria will become the biggest trading opportunity for Saudi Arabia, UAE, and the Middle East if Houthi or Yemeni Arabs target the countries’ Vessels or businesses. If anyone is having a bad time these days, it is Saudi Arabia and UAE for whom it is quite complicated to maintain the US, Russia, Iran, and other geopolitics of the Middle East.

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