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Saudi Arabia and Qatar to cut Oil and Gas producing in Arab Efforts to increase Oil Gas prices : US Sanction Failed

Saudi and Qatar to cut Oil and Gas production, EXXON Saudi Deal, COP28 in UAE, Crude Oil Price, Saudi & Qatar to help Iran and Russia for Sanctions lift from EU nad US. Biden Will left Sanctions from Iran and Russia for Oil and Gas. US Sanction Lift from Iran and Russia, OPEC, Saudi Aramco, EXXON, Chevron, BP PLC to increase Gasoline price in US and Europe.


Currently, there is a lot of discussion about Oil and gas between Saudi Aramco and Exxon Companies of Saudi Arabia. At the COP28 summit of UAE, CEOs and Founders of big companies also participated, mostly from the US, Europe, Asia, and Africa. Anyway, for the last week, there was a discussion within OPEC regarding oil and natural gas production and how to increase the prices of crude oil and gas. But if Russia’s Putin, Brazil, and OPEC countries agree with this decision, US and European companies will not agree with this because this decision can cause great harm to the US, Europe, China, and Japan, then UAE’s COP28. I have made it clear that Saudi and Qatar can cut oil and gas production from mid-December onwards. In the current situation, it was difficult for Aramco to take this decision due to the IsraelGaza war and Iran’s dominance, but now the US, Europe, and the world’s top companies like EXXON, Chevron, BP PLC and retail energy companies also want their Increase value in stocks, market, and transportation sectors so that companies of poor US, Europe, and Asia get profit.

Why do Russia & Iran want to lift sanctions from the US and Western countries, Why do Saudi and Qatar help Iran and Russia?

Russia and Iran will agree to this dishonor of the US because they know that with this dishonor of Qatar and Saudi, they and Western countries will lift the sanctions from them. Because this decision of Saudi and Qatar will be nothing more than a failure for America and Western countries in Israel-Gaza. The US will remove sanctions from Iran and Russia and his pressure will not harm Saudi Arabia and Qatar due to the Israel-Gaza war. Because the US and Europe do not want Saudi and Qatar to cut oil & gas production due to the Israel war. Because this can force Europe to bow before Russia and establish relations with Iran. Although Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and UAE also do not want to cut oil production they also have to earn profit due to this war, hence their business is more important than Israel, the US, and Europe.

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