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Saudi Arabia and Iran Investing in Defense Sector than Russia, China or the US : Saudi Defense

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Recently it has been told in the current news what is the ultimate plan of Iran and Saudi due to the Israel and Gaza war, both Saudi and Iran are seen strengthening their path in Defense, Economy, and BRICS. Although the stances of the two regarding Israel may be different, the Iran-Saudi alliance appears to be as strong as it was during the Syria War, Yemen War, and Iraq War. Due to the recent Israel-Hamas war in the Middle East, many countries are seen strengthening relations with each other. Because everyone’s plans are different and for the future, Saudi, UAE, and Iran will not attack on a large scale even if they want to. UAE and Saudi are very close countries to each other but UAE’s support towards Iran has gone towards Israel and on the other hand Saudi is strengthening its relations with Iran. In this way, after the Israel-Hamas war, Iran can be of great help to Saudi Arabia, which means that if it keeps its relations with Russia and China, then Saudi Arabia can also benefit a lot from the alliance of Iran.

Why are Saudi and UAE investing in Iran’s defense Technology instead of the US, Russia, or China?

Recently in the Ukraine War, it was seen that Russia has given a big role to Iranian weapons, drones, and surveillance systems. Now US, Europe, and Middle Eastern countries have also understood that the weapons and defense technology possessed by Iran may not be possessed by the US, Russia, and China. Secondly, due to Iran’s Proxy Army, Army Strategy, and independence, many countries believe that it will be very difficult to attack Iran or wage war with Iran in the Middle East. In the last war, Iran neither had the technology, weapons, nor strategy, but after the Iran-Iraq war, Iran has achieved so much that now even countries like the US, China, and Russia need weapons made in Iran. So now we can understand why Saudi-Iran is getting so close, it means that the Iran-Saudi alliance can make a few deals that can only be for Defence, the Economy, and the future.

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