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Russian air Defence S500 may be deployed in Crimea, and France Send Rafale jets to Ukraine : Russia-Ukraine War

France Send Rafale jets to Ukraine, F35, F16, Rafale and Su-35 jets in Ukraine against Russia, Why did Ukraine buy the Dassault Rafale from France to defeat Russian S400 and S500?.


Now that Iran is attacking Russia, NATO fighter jets can also be sent to Ukraine, in which Dassault Rafale jets can be sent to Ukraine. Recently, Ukraine’s Russian Su-35 fighter jet was shot down by the Russian air defense system Su400 in Crimea. Of all these, even France is now looking like a dog in the Russia-Ukraine war. Where due to the continuous activity of Russia’s S400, Ukraine can now buy the fighter jet that defeated the S400 from France. And now NATO-friendly countries like France could send Dassault Rafale to Ukraine or Crimea. Because now according to what Russia has deployed for the Su-500, now Dassault Rafale is the only option in which Ukraine has the power to destroy Russia’s Su-400 and Su-500.

Why did Ukraine buy the Dassault Rafale from France to defeat Russian S400 and S500?

Because now Russian S500 or S400 has become a big problem for American F16, F22, and F35, in this way NATO countries can now take Rafale jets from France in which they can provide security to the neighboring countries of Poland and Ukraine. The record of France’s Dassault Rafale is quite good and quite positive against Russia’s S400 and S500 defense system and now as of now Ukraine’s attacks on Russia can be stopped and S500 can be deployed for Russia’s defense. However, Ukraine’s attack inside Russia is a big blow for Russia and now perhaps Russia can also deploy S-500 on the UkraineRussia border. So in such a situation, Ukraine now has a big option with France’s Dassault Rafale, which can probably help Ukraine in doing it against Russia. There is likely to be a lot of activity between Russia’s S500 will not easily defeat France’s Dassault Rafale and it may be difficult for Russia to land on one side with the S-35, Rafale, and F16.

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