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Russia Ukraine War, Poland Refugee crisis in 2025, Russia Takeover Ukraine : Russia Vs NATO

Huge impact on European Business, Finance and Labour, Poland Refugee crisis, Russia NATO War, Russia Takeover Ukraine, Can Ukraine fight for the next 10 years to Ukraine will save their part for a ceasefire?,


Recently, from 2022 till now, Russia Ukraine war has not taken the name of Negotiation ending, due to which Europe and Poland are facing the biggest refugee threat. There has been a lot of proximity and foreign interference in this war between Ukraine and Russia due to which not only Russia but the entire Ukraine has also been made a scapegoat to blame Russia. So now day by day Russia is occupying part of Eastern Ukraine, but the regrettable thing is that NATO has sent troops to Ukraine but their troops are being deployed in Western Ukraine instead of fighting Russia. So now in such a situation, no experts, defense monitors, or predictions can say when the Ukraine and Russia war will end. So, just as there is a threat of African Immigrants and Refugees in the whole of Europe from the face of France, in the same way now from the face of Ukraine, once again a refugee crisis is arising in the rest of Europe. But until Ukraine can win from Russia, the common people, businessmen, and women of Ukraine may have to live in Poland or any NATO country.

Can Ukraine fight for the next 10 years to Ukraine will save their part for a ceasefire?

Well, now it does not seem that Ukraine will be able to fight against Russia like in Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan wars for the next 10 years. Because Russia knew that they might have to fight in Ukraine almost like wars like Syria or Iraq. The same way Russia was imposed in the Middle East and the common life there was greatly affected by the interference of the US, NATO, Russia, and Middle Eastern countries. Currently, Russian, European, and the world’s top refugee experts believe that there is going to be a big refugee crisis in Poland and other NATO countries for the next 5 years. So it is believed that around 8 million people from Ukraine who visited Poland have received a place to live, out of which 50% of people have moved to other countries in Europe. So now a huge amount of refugees from Ukraine settling in Europe can have a huge impact on the European Business, Financial, Aid, and investment strategy. Because Ukrainian people have to work with almost 50% discount in Europe.

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