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Russia to import Aircraft parts, Diamond, Israel War, Agriculture, Ukraine Aid, Defense Deal from UAE : Putin UAE Visit

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Recently, Russian President Putin has visited UAE and Saudi, and apart from them, Putin also plans to visit Iran. Since Putin’s visit to the Middle East, Western, and US are now focusing a lot on how Putin’s visit to UAE and Saudi Arabia happened in such a situation. – Is Russia now trying to keep the Middle East away from American interests? – Is Putin going to make any big defense deal with the Middle East because of Israel and Hamas? – All these questions are still going on inside NATO and the US. Well, it has become clear that Biden and US foreign relationship is now having a lot of impact in the Middle East. In this way, many Western countries seem that due to the Ukraine war, almost all the countries are far away from Russia. But, Due to the failure of the US and Europe in the IsraelHamas war, the trust of the Middle East and Arab countries in Russia is increasing.

Russia and UAE similarly trade between Defense, mineral fuels, oil, pearls, agriculture, broadcasting equipment, aircraft parts, and diamonds.

And currently, a very special deal is possible between Putin and the UAE such as military weapons parts, aircraft parts, pearls, precious stones, metals, coins, mineral fuels, oil, distillation products, agriculture, broadcasting equipment, aircraft parts, and diamonds. Computer components and modules kind of similar trade to export/import between Russia and UAE. Currently, due to the IsraelHamas war, UAE and Saudi Arabia can also get big defense deals from Russia, because Saudi and UAE, Russia, Europe, and US are all equal as for the US and Europe. There will be a blow for the EU and US but it is no big deal for Russia and Saudi UAE.

Why Putin want Israel-Hamas war to continue or not?

In such a situation, Putin’s UAE and Saudi Arabia may also be on one side regarding the debate on the Hamas-Israel war because they want Iran and Russia will benefit from stopping the Israel-Hamas war. Because this will be the biggest failure of Netanyahu, America and Europe. On the other hand, even if the Israel-Hamas war does not stop for Russia, it will not make any difference because Russia is having huge success in Ukraine. NATO and US military funds have also been de-verified, so it will not be so easy for the US and Europe to provide similar help to Ukraine in the future.

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