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Russia, Syria, and Israel ready for direct war in the Middle East : Golan Heights News

Why did Russia send troops to the Golan Heights and the West Bank amid the Ukraine-Russia War?, Israel Vs iran in Golan Heights, Russia sending troops to Houthi, Hezbollah, Lebanon, and Syria.


Recently, Russia and Syria’s Bashed Al-Assad Army are about to establish a historic deal with Russia in their respective defense and arms sectors. Clearly, the Syrian Army and Russia can make a defense deal together against Israel, which can push Russia into a Middle East war. However, as of now, the relations between Israel and Ukraine have become so deep that Russia and Syria are reducing their defense, arms, and military equipment in the Golan Heights. So, today the defense of Russia and Syria is the biggest challenge for Russia, Israel, and NATO in the near future. So in such a situation, the coming together of Russia and Syria can force America and NATO to jump into war, which is the biggest threat to Israel. Because there was a time when Israel, the US, and Saudi Arabia were running in the same direction against Assad in Syria, Russia, and NATO, now all these countries are in trouble. Especially the deal between Russia and Syria on the Golan Heights also gives Hezbollah, Iran and the West Bank an opportunity to jump into the war.

Why did Russia send troops to the Golan Heights and the West Bank amid the Ukraine-Russia War?

So now Russia and Syria are working together to maintain their position against the military and Israel. So it seems to everyone that in the future if NATO countries send their troops to Ukraine, there is also an option for Russia to strengthen its power in the Middle East by joining hands with Syria, Lebanon, and Iran. so that in the future there will be a deal with Iran against NATO. However, the simultaneous action of Russia and Syria in the Golden Heights can cause a big shock to the US and Europe. if necessary, Russia can also take action against Ukraine and NATO by giving full support to Syrian, Iraqi, Iranian, Lebanese, and Houthi. Although direct Houthi, Hezbollah, Lebanon, and Syria agree are not under Putin’s control, Iran’s nuclear deal and Iran Vs Israel’s proxy war in the future may be beneficial for Russia’s support against NATO. So if NATO’s involvement increases in Ukraine then Russia’s involvement will also increase in the Middle East which will be the biggest threat to Europe, the US, and NATO. Just as France and the US have withdrawn their armies from Africa, similarly Russia can also deal with the militias present in the Middle East to attack American, NATO, and European bases.

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