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Russia may send Troops to Kaliningrad Oblast Near Poland amid Sweden Russia Tension : Nordic News

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Recently, Sweden’s Defense Minister and External Affairs believe that in the future, war will break out between Sweden, Poland (NATO), and Russia. Recently, I came to know that in the future, after dealing with Ukraine, Russia can also attack Sweden from the Kaliningrad Oblast region. Similarly, Sweden and Russia do not seem to have any border, but Russia has control over Kaliningrad Oblast near Poland and if it wants, Russia can attack Sweden instead of Poland. However, Sweden and Russia are not facing any special threat but Russia is continuously increasing its Warship, Troops, and Defense Activity in the Kaliningrad region due to which it seems that there is a possibility of war between Russia and Sweden in the future.

Why Will Russia and Sweden War in 2024 or in the future, why NATO vs Russia War begins?

There is a possibility that Russia will try to prevent any of the European or Nordic countries from becoming part of NATO because Russia feels that the future could be that NATO countries can attack together which will heavily cost Russia bigger than Sweden, Finland, and Nordic countries retaliate. However, Russia would attack Sweden if Sweden tried to join NATO, as Russia would also seek war provocation with Turkey and NATO countries in the Baltic Sea, which could lead to NATO and Russia facing each other. They do not think that due to TurkeyRussia friendship, Sweden will be able to become a member of NATO country but if all NATO countries allow Sweden then Turkey will also have to allow Sweden, due to which Turkey-Russia relations can get spoiled. If Turkey does this, then Turkey will have to face many challenges from Russia in Syria, Iraq, Russia, the Middle East, and Europe. And if Sweden insists on this then the war between Sweden and Russia can start from Kaliningrad Oblast region because Sweden will not be able to get support from Poland or NATO members. And if there is a war between Russia and Sweden, the entire Baltic Sea (Nordic Countries) will have conditions like the Black Sea and NATO countries can also enter it for their own defense and to help Sweden.

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