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Russia may Send Troops to Gaza If NATO sends Troops to Ukraine : Russia Vs NATO

Russia sends army to Syria, Gaza, Red Sea and Middle East, NATO Sending army to Ukraine and Poland. Why did Russia send troops or Arms to Gaza and Palestine or the Middle East?. NATO Vs Russia.


Currently, according to the opinion of Russian media or the opinion of experts, it has been said that in the future, Russia can now send its army to Gaza or Palestine, which could worsen the situation in the Middle East in the future. Recently, according to Russian media, Russian President Putin was preparing to take new steps regarding the Palestinian cause. Currently, Putin believes that if NATO countries like Germany, France, the UK, and Poland have sent an army to Ukraine now, then in the future Russia can also send its army due to the current presence of the US, UK, and France in the Middle East. Currently, Russia believes that if the US and Western countries send an army or defense army to other parts of the Middle East, it will be difficult for Russia to take major action against Israel or the US through Syria, Iraq, and Iran. Can get a chance.

Why did Russia send troops or Arms to Gaza and Palestine or the Middle East?

However, Russia and China’s interest in the Middle East and NATO’s interest the Ukraine is increasing in Ukraine. Because of this, Sweden and NATO being together will give the US and Western countries the opportunity to directly target Russia from the Sweden-Russia borders, at the same time Russia also does not want the war between Israel and Gaza to end. If there is a ceasefire between Israel and Gaza in the Middle East, not only Russia will suffer losses but Hezbollah, Iraq, Syria, Gaza, and Iran will also suffer losses. Because now Russia and Ukraine have suffered the biggest losses due to the Russia-Ukraine war, but if NATO now sends troops to Ukraine, then Russia will have to suffer the biggest losses because of which a nuclear war can also happen between Russia and NATO. Russia and NATO will not want a direct nuclear war so they will attack each other through Sweden, Ukraine, and the Middle East as they did in the previous Syria, Iraq, and Yemen wars. Both Russia and NATO will use proxies in the war between the two countries to save their territory and if they continue, the proxy war between the two countries will continue in different places. The Israel and Gaza war is considered to be the biggest complicated and important war for the world’s economy, corridor, defense, and financial losses. However, if Russia does not send troops to Gaza, then perhaps the Russian Army can replace France, the UK, Russia and NATO in Syria and Africa.

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